Jeff Dunham Live

Hey blog world! Last night was awesome! I got to see Jeff Dunham live at the Mile 1 Center! He was so funny! He started off by showing a bunch of pictures of himself! He showed us his school (and family) pictures that he’d taken with his dummies and he even showed us a picture his sneaky 16 year old Daughter took of him in a onesie! Then after showing pictures of himself he showed us some pictures of funny shops and signs and things he’s seen throughout his travels. One of those was from here. It was this Long Dicks. I am seriously not kidding you. Long Dicks does exist! The guy who owns this place either loves dirty jokes or wasn’t thinking when he named his restaurant! The first puppet Jeff brought out was Achmed the dead terrorist! I loved it when he said “SILENCE I KEEL YOU!” Hearing that live was the best thing ever! I also loved seeing Achmed in the dress again! Jeff showed a picture of Achmed in his costume from the “Minding The Monsters” Halloween special he did Achmed Minding the Monsters! He looks kinda cute as a girl! I think he should dress like it more often! The funniest part of Achmed’s performance was when he lost his arm! I can’t remember how it happened but it fell off! Jeff’s new wife Audrey had to come out on stage and use the handyman’s secret weapon (duct tape) to fix Achmed’s arm! That was hillarious! The next puppet he brought out was Bubba J! In the middle of Bubba J’s performance Jeff lost his place in the script and couldn’t remember what came next! He just made stuff up until he remembered again! I loved that! Next was Peanut… or should I say Batnut! He was dressed in his superhero costume from “Minding The Monsters”! José was in costume too! He was Batnut’s sidekick Ruben! During Peanuts part of the show he talked to some people in the audience. He first spoke with Tony the Purolator pre-stocking guy who previously worked at Zellers as a stocker. Then a while later some chick named Rachel got up to go to the bathroom. Peanut didn’t know that Rachel was a she. He thought she was a he. Peanut was like “Is he coming back? Where is he going?” Someone in the audience who was there with Rachel told Peanut that she was a she and not a he. Jeff (and Peanut) felt so bad for mistaking her for a dude that Jeff gave her a Little Jeff puppet! It came with a carrying case, and an instructional DVD and booklet on how to do ventriloquism. I thought that was really nice of him! The puppet he gave Rachel was really special because he used it on stage! He took it out of the carrying case to show us what he looked like and how he worked! He even chased him around the stage! That was really funny! The original Little Jeff was there too! He was Batnut and Ruben’s arch enemy. His name was The Loser. He drove the Loser Cruiser which was a Blue Prius LOL! The final character that came out was Walter! He answered a bunch of questions from the audience. I forget what the dudes name was but there was someone that asked a question who had a really funny name. Walter couldn’t answer that one because he was laughing so much. One of my favorite questions that Walter was asked was “If your wife was in a burning building would you save her or roast marshmallows?” He said he’d save her first (which actually surprised me) and then roast marshmallows. I had a great time at the show and I even got a few souvenirs! I got a talking Peanut doll that says stuff like “Your the other white meat!” and “A lot of my friends are on sticks” and he even makes chicken noises! I also got an Achmed bobblehead! He talks too! He says stuff like “Greetings infadels”, “Are you scared” and of course his famous catchphrase “SILENCE I KEEL YOU!” I even got an Achmed t shirt! Were you at the show last night (or the night before)? Tell me what your favorite part about it was in the comments!


One thought on “Jeff Dunham Live

  1. Achmed the dead terrorist is funny! I like it when he says “SILENCE! I KEEL YOU!” and “STOP TOUCHING MEEEE!!!!” He looks funny as a girl! When Jeff Dunham comes back to St. John’s I’m definatley getting tickets to see him!

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