Teachers Pet

Hey blog world! Today’s daily prompt http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ was called “Teachers Pet”. It said to write about a teacher who had an impact on my life and how it’s different today because of him/her. For me that teacher was Mr Hipditch. I had him for math last year! He was a great teacher! He made me happy! I heard such great things about him from all my friends who had him and when my homeroom teacher said that I had Mr Hipditch for math I was thrilled! As was he! When I saw him in the hallway and said I was excited to start math class with him he said “I have you? Awesome!” Then we high fived! I remember the first thing that we did was write a journal entry saying what color we thought Math was and why. I said black because black it’s a boring color and math was also boring! When sir picked it up and read it the look on his face was priceless! He gasped then his jaw dropped and he had a look of shock in his eyes! He wrote on the paper “I’ll change that I hope!” He did! I like math a little bit more now! I always looked forward to class with him because I never knew what to expect! One of the things I really liked about Mr Hipditch was that he’d mix jokes and silly drawings into the notes! It made writing them more fun! Also on some days if we had all our homework done he’d let us have a fun class! We’d play “Mindtrap”!Mindtrap! It was a mind game where we’d have to answer riddles! It was fun! Also one day he let us play a game where he’d write a sequence of letters and numbers on the board (for example 7 D in a W) and we’d have to guess what they were! The day we played that game I got the most answers right! Also sometimes he’d give us candy for knowing things! For the candies he’d usually turn on the radio and ask us music questions like what song is playing! I remember getting a yummy purple one for knowing “These Boots Are Made For Walking” was sung by Nancy Sinatra! Mr Hipditch was a massive sports fan! He had LOADS of Bruins memorabillia in his classroom! He even has a tattoo of the bruins logo Bruins near his left ankle! Whenever the bruins won a game he’d come into school the next day weraing a bruins jersey! Once when we had a PJ, hat and jersey day and I forgot all about it he was nice enough to loan me his jersey! That was so nice of him! He dressed up as a Boston Bruin for Halloween last year! I was so relieved that he decided to be a man! The year before (or so I think) he was Hannah Montanna and I’m still trying to forget about that! One really funny thing about Mr Hipditch was whenever someone asked for a tissue he’d always say “Tissue I hardly know you”? I had a problem with runny noses that year and had to ask him for a tissue EVERY math class! Mom even told me one day that when she went to a parent teacher meeting with him he told her that last time I was absent he put a tissue box on my desk in my place LOL! At the grade 9 farewell he gave me the “Kiss You I Hardly Know You Award” because of my tissue habbit. I got a certificate and a box of kleenex which I have vowed to never use! I returned his favor a few days later by going to the store and buying him a wooden tissue box as a goodbye gift! Inside was a little note that said “Take one each day like I used to do to remember me by!” When he opened the gift he (and the other teachers that were watching him) burst out laughing! He said he loved it! He got a red sharpie and wrote the date on the bottom and asked me to sign it! He even stained it! He showed it to me and it looks so nice! It’s kind of a mahogany color. I really miss him and wished he could have moved on to High School with me! Mr Hipditch if someday you read this blog post I just want to say thanks for being awesome and helping me with my math! Do you have a favorite teacher? Tell me about him/her in the comments!


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