“Scrubs” Season 1

Hey blog world! For Christmas my Sister gave me the first season of “Scrubs” on DVD scrubs season 1! I finished it a few days ago! I thought it was really funny! The show is about the staff of Sacred Heart Hospital. My favorite character on the show is Janitor Janitor. He’s always tormenting J.D (J.D is the lead character). For example in “My Hero” the Janitor snuck into the locker room and read J.D’s diary and teased him about all the embarrassing stuff he’d written in it. My 2nd favorite character is J.D. He’s the main character (as I’ve already said) and also he’s the shows narrator. A really funny thing about J.D is that he has a lot of fantasies. My favorite fantasy that he’s had in the first season was definately the “Star Wars” one from “My Two Dads” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn4g5eR5AY0. I also thought it was hillarious when J.D imagined Dr Cox as the Grinch in the Christmas episode “My Own Personal Jesus” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKaiUcZnKOI The first season had a lot of great episodes but my favorite would definately be “My Tuscaloosa Heart” because we get to hear Dr Kelso Dr Kelso (the Chief of medicine at Sacred Heart) sing and play guitar! He’s really good! Even though “Scrubs” is a comedy the first season had lots of serious moments. The episode “My Old Lady” was really hard hitting! I was almost in tears by the end! There were (spoiler alert) 3 deaths in the episode! They did a montage of all 3 set to a cover of Leonard Cohens “Hallelujah” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjjOSZ4DZew and it was so sad and so touching! Are you a fan of “Scrubs”? What was your favorite episode from the first season? Tell me in the comments!


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