Gingerbread Men

Hey blog world! Yesterday Mom found a Gingerbread Man kit in the kitchen somewhere and asked us if we wanted to make some. We said yes! The kit came with 3 colors of icing (red, green and white), some candy balls (that I thought had chocolate inside but didn’t) and red, white and green sprinkles. Mom also gave us some chocolate chips and pink sprinkles to use. My Neice and I both tried the fluorescent neon collored balls and neither of us liked them so I decided to get some better candy to put on them. I went into the living room and got the book of skittles that I got in my stocking and the bag of sweedish berries my Neice got in hers! Before we started making the gingerbread men we decided to name them. My Neice named hers Gingy (after the gingerbread man from the “Shrek” movies Gingy) and I named mine J.D (after the main character in “Scrubs” JD!) Once we named them we started making them. I started off by opening my book of skittles Skittles Book. It wasn’t easy! I couldn’t figure out how to do it! I think it probably took me 10 minutes (or maybe more) to figure the darn thing out! Once I finally got them open I started decorating. I took the red bag of icing and tried to put some on J.D but it was a miserable failiure! It went everywhere BUT where it was supposed to go! When it did go where it was supposed to I accidentaly used too much! He was a mess of sprinkles and icing! The only things that managed to go on him right were the skittles! At least he tasted good! Did you make any gingerbread men this year? How did they turn out? Did they taste good? Tell me in the comments!


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