My Proudest Moments

Hey blog world! In my life there have been a lot of moments when I was really proud. Here are a few of them!

  • Being featured in my friends scrapbook: My friend D.D from the challenging needs classroom at school has a scrapbook that the teachers made for her. It’s full of pictures of her and of her friends! Today while I was reading her her favorite book “Boss For A Week” by Libby Handy one of the teachers snapped a picture of me reading to her and told me that was going to go in the scrapbook! I felt so proud and honored when she told me that!
  • Being chosen to be the spokesperson for my SO team: 2 years ago I had the amazing honor of being the spokesperson for my Special Olympics team! My Mom even said that when the people in charge were deciding who the spokesperson should be they all nominated me! It was a great year! I got to go to a conference in Grand Falls, give speeches (I still get to do that and it’s so much fun) and lots of other things! I loved being the spokesperson!
  • Becoming an Aunt: When my Sister was pregnant with my Neice I was really excited! I’d get to have my own Neice! When she was born she was one of the cutest things ever! She still is super cute! She and I fight sometimes but we love eachother unconditionally and I will always be proud to be her Aunt!
  • Receiving a gold medal: When I got my very first gold medal in bowling last summer I was so happy!
  • Being on “Kortney and Dave By Request”: I felt so honoured and privliged to get to be on the show and share my Grandma’s story! When I watched the recording I made of the show with my Mom I was so proud and so was she!
  • Making donations on the Janeway Telethon: I get a yearly feeling of pride because of my donations to the Janeway. Every year when I count all the money I’ve collected I feel proud because of all the money I raised for such an amazing cause!
  • Being the only one in my class who got 100% for the monologue project: In drama we each had to pick a monologue and perform it in front of the class. I chose to do Debbie’s monologue from “The Addams Family Values”. I was the ONLY person in the class who got 100%! When I found that out I honestly couldn’t have been any happier!
  • When my friend thanked me for the first time: D.D like I said earlier is in the challenging needs classroom. She can speak but she only knows a few words and sentances. The teachers are helping her learn more things to say. I remember one day walking over to her desk and saying that she was drawing a lovely picture. Then she said thank you! That was the first time she’d said that to me! I felt so proud of her!
  • Being on the Coast 101.1 radio miracle: When I was in 6th grade I got invited to do an interview live on air on Coast 101.1. I got to talk about my autism and ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum) and I got to sing! Somehow when Mom was trying to put songs on my iPod nano for me she put EVERYTHING on the computer on it including my interview. I still have it on my iPod! Whenever I listen to it I feel so proud of myself for doing such a great job!
  • Winning the “Kiss You – I Hardly Know You” Award at the grade 9 farewell: As soon as Newfie Romeo and Juliet (2 teachers dressed up as Newfie versions of Romeo and Juliet to give out the spoof awards) said the name of the award and what it was for I got up because I knew I’d be the recipient of the award! I felt so proud going up to the stage to accept my certificate and box of kleenex! I’m so proud of that achievement that I’ve framed the certificate and the box of kleenex is displayed on my bookshelf. I have vowed to never EVER use those tissues!

What’s your proudest moment? Tell me in the comments!


Video Games I’d Like To Try

Hey blog world! There are a lot of cool video games out there that I’d like to try but sadly I either don’t own the game or don’t own the system. Here are some video games I’d like to try!

“Scribblenauts” Scribblenauts (DS): I saw a video of Ian and Anthony playing this on Smosh Games last night and it looks super fun so I’d like to try it! In this game you have a magic book and when you write stuff inside it comes to life! How firetrucking awesome is that? I’d love to play this game and make random stuff with the magic book!

“Little Big Planet 2” Little Big Planet 2 (PS3): Smosh Games also played this game and made it look super fun! I’d also like to try the first LBP game to see what that’s like as well.

“Rock Band 3” RB3 (Wii): This is the 3rd installment in the “Rock Band” series of games. This one has a new instrument. It’s a piano! That makes me happy and excited because I play the piano! Just like all the “Rock Band” games this game has a big setlist of songs you can play. The one I definately wanna try out first is “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

“Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force” Elite Penguin Force (DS): Just a few days ago I finished “Club Penguin Herberts Revenge”. It was a great game! “Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force” is the first one in the video game series so I’d like to play that one as well. I played a small snippet of it on my friends DS at summer camp but I’d like to someday play the whole thing on my DS!

“Space Chimps” Space Chimps (Wii): I wanted but never got the chance to see the movie. I also wanted the video game but at the time didn’t have a Wii. I still look around for it but can never find it! Hopefully I will someday though because this game looks like so much fun!

What video games do you want to try? Tell me in the comments!

10 Minute Post

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post was to start a timer and write a post in only 10 minutes. When the timer is up I have to publish it. challenge accepted! Here goes! Today I’m gonna talk about my favorite radio station (I forgot to think about what I was gonna write before I started the timer so this was the first thing that came to mind!) It’s coast 101.1! It’s a radio station that plays 70’s 80’s and 90’s music! It’s awesome! They play songs by artists like the Barenaked Ladies, Rod Stewart, Jannis Joplin and lots of other great artists too! They also have contests from time to time. Sometimes when certain acts come to Newfoundland the Coast gives us a chance to win our way in! Also every weekday they do the coast connundrum. They say a riddle and if you call in and get the right answer you win jungle bucks (a jungle jims gift card!) I’m on a first name basis with some of the people at the Coast! I met Andy Newman Andy Newman (who is now retired but used to host “The Big Show” in the mornings) when he interviewed me on the Janeway telethon 6 years ago and I met Rod Stockley and Kerri Hodder when I got to go live on air with them when I was in 6th grade! I got to do an interview and sing (I sang “Part Of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid”) and the next day I got to pie her (Kerri said the first person to come down to the Janeway (cause that’s where they were broadcasting from) could pie her in the face and it was me!) That was so much fun! Kerri even said it was the yummiest facial she ever had! I even got Kerri and Rod’s autographs that day! It was great! Timer is at 6 seconds! Gotta go!


Hey blog world! In this post I’ll tell you all about my awesome friends!

E.M: I met her at the bulldog gym in 2010 and I’m so glad that I did! She’s so awesome! We like a lot of the same things like VBS (Vacation Bible School), Chris De Burgh, youth group and the Annoying Orange! We even dislike a lot of the same things! We have an extensive list of forbidden words. Those are words we both really hate and have forbidden ourselves from ever using. The coolest thing that me and E.M have done together was definately when we went to the teddy bear picnic! That was such a fun day!

L.B: I also met her at bulldog! She’s bubbly, optimistic, funny and has a great sense of fashion! She and I love going to the movies together and hanging out at my place! Sometimes E.M hangs out with us too! The coolest thing me and L.B have done together was definately seeing “Les Misérables” in the theater! We both loved the movie!

H.M: Just so you know H.M has a different last name than E.M so they’re not related. I met H.M at Special Olympics bowling! She’s so cool! She and I love to skype together! We always do karaoke when we skype! It’s so much fun! The coolest thing that H.M and I did together was definately my birthday party! She was the DJ! She played lots of awesome songs for me! It was a great night (accept for the part when L.B popped her kneecap out of place!)

Those are just some of my super awesome friends! What do you like to do with your friends? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite deserts!

  • FudgeFudge: Fudge is really really yummy! The kids in the challenging needs classroom at my school make the best fudge! It’s absolutely to die for! It’s so good I zone out when I eat it!
  • Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake: I make this at home with Mom sometimes. It always tastes delicious!
  • Pillsbury cinnamon buns Cinnamon Buns: Every Sunday my Grandparents come over for Sunday dinner (roast beef, salt meat, potatoes, carrots, turnip etc) and for desert Dad and I always make Pillsbury cinnamon buns! Even though every week Dad burns them they still taste great!
  • Coconut cream pie Coconut Cream: Dough By’s bakery makes the best coconut cream! It’s awesome! I made it with Mom once and it was the very first pie I’d ever made! It tasted really yummy and I felt so proud!
  • Ice cream Ice Cream:  Who doesn’t love ice cream? It comes in so many really yummy flavors! My favorite is definately cotton candy!

What’s your favorite desert? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! I will NEVER get a tattoo but today in French we had to write about tattoos. The assignment was if we could get a tattoo that represented our identity what would we get? I said that I’d like to get a red, blue and yellow puzzle piece because red, blue and yellow puzzle pieces are the symbol of Autism awareness Autism Awareness and since I have Autism I thought it would be a good idea (although like I said I would never get one.) I said I’d get this tattoo because I have Autism and I wanted to show my support for all the other people out there who have it too! I said that I’d go on my arm because that way it’d be really easy for people to see. The more people that see it the better! If you could get a tattoo what would you get, where would you get it and why? Tell me in the comments!

Writing Stories

Hey blog world! We unfortunately don’t get to do it this year but in Jr High Language Arts we did a lot of writing stories! I found it lots of fun! Last year we were given a picture of a wanted sign with the picture blacked out and told us to pretend that it was our face on the poster and write a story about why we were wanted. I instantly knew what I was gonna write about! I absolutely HATE Dave Hester from “Storage Wars” Dave Hester so I decided that in my story I’d kidnap him! I snuck up behind him at a storage auction, gagged him, threw him into the back of my van and drove him to an abandoned warehouse. Things really didn’t work out for me because as it turned out he was an undercover agent for the FBI! He snapped my picture using a special camera in his glasses then he tilted his head so that his famous “YUPP” hat fell to the floor. Along with it was a pocket knife! He caught it in his mouth and set himself free! At the end of the story when I saw the wanted poster I got worried so I drove off to Mexico, changed my name and started a new life! I can’t remember what grade I got for that story but I remember the teacher liked it!

Another great story I wrote was for the practice CRT (Criterion Reference Test) we did last year (we have to do CRT’s at the end of the year so we always do a practice one to get us ready.) On one page of the practice CRT was a picture of a hog in a tiara. On the next page was “If Ugly Were Beautiful”. We were told to write about that topic in any way we wanted. I chose to write a story! In this story Harold Green Harold was the main character. He was a nerdy high school kid with an extremely low self esteem because nobody would be his friend or go out with him because they all thought he was really nerdy and ugly! The only friends he had were the kids in the school’s math club! One night he wished on a shooting star for ugly to be beautiful so maybe people would like him more! It worked out really well! The next day everyone liked him and wanted to be his friend and the girl he liked even asked him out. Later at recess he found out that his wish hadn’t turned out so well for others! He saw his math club friends bullying the most popular girl in school because they thought she was really ugly! Harold didn’t like what he saw so he shouted “STOP!” and gave a big speech on why people shouldn’t be teased because of how they look. Then he started singing the chorus of “Don’t You Know Your Beautiful” and slowly one by one everyone else joined in too! The next night Harold unwished the wish and all the bullying stopped! I showed it to one of the challenging needs teachers at Lunch the next day and she thought it was a really sweet story! Have you ever written a story for school (or for your own fun)? Tell me about it in the comments!