Highlights of 2012

Hey blog world! Today is the last day of 2012! I thought I’d end off the year by sharing with you some of my favorite things that I’ve done this year!

  • See “Les Miserables”: Yesterday I saw “Les Miserables” in theaters! I was totally blown away! At the end of the film I was speechless! It was such an incredible, powerfull and emotional film! I totally reccommend you see it!
  • Make pie for the first time: Last week (I think) I made my very first pie! It was coconut cream! That’s my favorite kind! It was kinda hard to make but it tasted really really good!
  • Sing into the mic at “Forever Young”: I will never forget the night Mom and I saw “Forever Young”! It was an incredible show and I got to sing into the mic! I felt so honoured and special!
  • My first dance party: I threw my very first dance party for my birthday in November! It was so much fun (accept for the part when my friend popped out her knee)!
  • Hugging Chris De Burgh: I will never forget the night I saw Chris De Burgh at the Mile 1 Center with my Dad! Getting hugged by him was awesome!
  • YC: I went to my very 1st YC (Youth for Christ) and loved it! It was so much fun!
  • Performing my monologue in Drama class: In drama we recently finished a unit on monologues. We each had to pick a monologue and perform it in front of the class. I chose to do this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjCSQkQYCcs from the movie “The Adams Family Values”. It was so much fun being a bad guy!
  • Winning a gold medal: I forget what I won it for (I think it was highest points over average) but I was thrilled when I received my gold medal at Special Olympics bowling during the summer!
  • Quebec: I got to go to Quebec with my school and I had a great time! The best part was definately the dog sledding!
  • Social Thinking: I joined the Social Thinking group at the Elaine Dobbin center and I’m really glad I did! I made a lot of new friends and learned a lot too!
  • Making cake pops: I made my first cake pops with my Aunt and they tasted really yummy!
  • Connects Got Talent: my Youth Group had a talent show back in June and I did 2 things. I did some improv and sang “The Impossible” by Joe Nichols http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce-pUKsJM6w. I won 2nd place! I felt great!
  • Winning the “Kiss You I Hardly Know You” award! At the grade 9 farewell I won that award! My Math teacher gave it to me because I’d ask for a tissue every math class! Not only did I get an award but also my prize was a box of tissues (which I’ve vowed to never EVER use!)
  • Camping in Gross Mourne: I went there during the summer with my Family and it was the first time I was ever there! It’s such a beautiful place and I had tons of fun!
  • Be Elle Woods: I was Elle Woods this year for Halloween and I think it was probably my best costume yet!
  • Being on the Janeway Telethon: 2012 was my 6th year in a row of being on the Telethon! This year I donated $167.50! It was a great accomplishment!
  • Finding out me and Richard Dawson Richard Dawson share a birthday: I looked him up on Wikipidia one day to get some info for a blog post and I was thrilled when I saw his birthday! We have the same one! I’m a huge fan of his and it feels so cool knowing that we share a birthday!

What were your favorite things you did this year? Tell me in the comments!


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