Snooks Childhood

Hey blog world! For Christmas Santa brought me a Snook CD! It’s called Snook’s Childhood (or Snook ruins a bunch of kids songs)”. I put it on last night and thought it was really funny! Some of the songs he parodied were “Pop Goes The Weasel” (his version was “Pop Got The Measles”), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (his version was “Twinkle Twinkle AB Sheep” (which was about how “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” “The Alphabet Song” and “Bah Bah Black Sheep” all had the same tune”) and also “If Your Happy And You Know It” (his version was “If Your Something”). Out of all of them “If Your Something” is my favorite! THe funniest parts were “If your Dad is wicked tired eat some sugar and get wired” and “If the neighbors think your weird go moo”! He also told a few stories. He parodied “Peter and The Wolf” and called it “Dougie and The Dog” and he also wrote his own story called “The Chubbly Pear”. I really liked that one. It was a story about a dude who loved to eat fruit. One day he goes to the store and buys a lot of fruit. One of the things he buys is a chubbly pear. The chubbly pear causes a lot of problems for the man because while he goes to work the pear eats all the fruit. When the man goes to buy mnore fruit the pear eats his cat. The pear also eats the man, the mans house and the list could go on and on. To make a long story short the pear keeps eating everything until all that’s left of the world is one white dot. He gets closer to it to try and it eat too but the dot is another chubbly pear who eats the other pear LOL! I loved this CD and I highly reccommend it! You can get it online at or you can go out and buy it (I’m not sure which stores sell it though!) Did you get any CD’s for Christmas? If so what ones? Tell me in the comments!


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