Concert Movies I’d Like To See

Hey blog world! There are a lot of artists out there who have filmed concert movies! like Kenny Chesney (“Summer In 3D”), Katy Perry (“Part Of Me”) and even the wiggles (“The Wiggles Big Big Show In The Round” (which by the way I took my Neice to see and I really enjoyed it!) There are a lot of artists who if they made a concert movie I’d love to go see! Here they are!

YC: I went to YC last year and it was amazing! They broadcasted it live on NTV so I thought why not film it and put it in theaters! It’d be great for those who mised out because then they’d get the chance to go to the theater and see what they missed! Also it’d be great for those who loved it so much they wanted to see it again!

Brad Paisley: If he made a concert movie I would absolutely be first in line for tickets! He’s so hot on TV and on magazine covers! I can’t imagine how much hotter he’d be on the big screen (especially if it were 3D!)

Chris De Burgh: This would be the ultimate concert movie! If Chris ever makes one I would dress all in red to see it! I’d also take my friend E (who is a fellow blogger and her site by the way is along with me because she is a huge Chris De Burgh fan as well!

Weird Al Yankovic: This guy is so funny! I’d love to see his crazy self on the big screen someday!

The Imagination Movers: I don’t care how old I am! I love rocking out to the movers and their music! I think it’d be really cool if they made a concert movie! I bet Warehouse Mouse would look even cuter on the big screen!

Snook: This I would love to see! Snook (a.k.a Pete Soucy) is super funny and he definately deserves his big break! I think it’d be awesome (or wicked as Snook would say) if Dougie joined him! I’d finally get to see what he looks like!

Which artists do you think should make a concert movie? If any of the ones I mentioned made one would you see it? Tell me in the comments!


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