Homegrown Talent

Hey blog world! Here in Newfoundland there are a lot of talented people! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite Newfoundland celebrities!

Snook Snooks Christmas: Snook (a.k.a Peter Soucy) is a comedian and also singer. He makes parodies of songs. He’s got 2 Christmas albums out where he obviously parodies Christmas songs and he’s also got a CD where he in his own words “Ruins a bunch of kids songs!” I have both his Christmas CD’s and I love them! The first one is definately the best! I used to drive my parents nuts with it cause I’d play it year round! He’s also on the news! Every Thursday he does “Stuff About Stuff” it’s basically his comentary on different things! You can also catch Snook’s alter ego Pete Soucy each night on VOCM’s nightline! Right on! Want more info on Snook? Go to www.rightonsnook.com!

Spirit Of Newfoundland Spirit NL ABBA: Spirit Of Newfoundland is a dinner theater company! I’ve been to lots of their shows and they’re so amazing! As is the food! My favorite Spirit of NL dinner theater that I’ve seen was “ABBA Gotta Get The Scoop”! It was about 4 reporters trying to get the scoop on ABBA for their newspaper! It was really funny! The singing was incredible too! I got to meet the cast afterwards and they were super nice people! If you want more info on Spirt Of Newfoundland go to www.spiritofnewfoundland.com

Mark Critch Mark Critch: He’s a comedian and also is on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”. I got to meet him last year when he interviewed me on the Janeway Telethon! He’s so nice and even funnier in person! I also got to see him do stand up 2 years ago at the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest (for more info on the festival see the blog post “Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest”!) He was great!

Gordon Pinsent Gordon Pinsent: Some of you may recognise him as Hap Shaugnassey from “The Red Green Show” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsKgNg9NPxs and also maybe some of you may not know his face but you probably know his voice Babar! He’s the voice of King Babar! I’m not much of a “Babar” fan but I LOVED “The Red Green Show”! Hap was one of my favorite characters! He’d always tell tall tales to make himself sound cooler! For example he once said that he did all the tap dancing for Fred Astaire and Fred just faked it while a recording of Hap’s tap dancing was playing in the background! I don’t know how he manages to come up with these tall tales but they sure are interesting!

Kelly-Ann Evans Kelly-Ann Evans: Kelly is a singer! She does tribute shows at the Arts and Culture Center! I’ve been to 2 (and in Febuary it’ll be 3) of her shows and they were awesome! I saw her tribute to ABBA and Rod Stewart (and am going to see her tribute to Queen) and they were awesome shows! My favorite was definately the Rod Stewart one (for more info on that show see the blog post “Forever Young”)! One of the reasons that’s my favorite is because she let me sing into the microphone during “Hot Legs” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHcjjxYbgNM! Not only is her singing awesome but her fashion sense is too! She wears the most elaborate and awesome outfits at her shows! I loved the zebra print jacket she wore in “Forever Young” (that was the name of the Rod Stewart tribute she did!)

What are some of your favorite celebrities that are from where your from? Tell me in the comments!

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