Elf On The Shelf

Hey blog world! 2 days ago my Neice conned my Mom into buying an elf on the shelf. An elf on the shelf is a magical elf that works for Santa Claus. Each night he flies to a different spot in your house to watch you and make sure your being good. They also sometimes do things. Our elf is a boy and his name is Patches. He’s out to get my Dad! The reason why is because on the night Mom and my Neice brought Patches home Dad said that it was creepy and he didn’t like how he was stairing at him. Patches got him back good for saying that! Yesterday morning he put shaving cream in my Dad’s socks! This morning he tied Dad’s shoes together! I think Dad’s learned his lesson about dissing Patches! I didn’t even notice this until I came home from school but my Neice has a red and black Nintendo 3DS and Patches was playing it! I wonder if he set the high score on her game yet LOL? Do you have an elf on the shelf? What kind of mischief has he/she gotten into? Tell me in the comments!

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