Hate To Love

Hey blog world! I wanted to write today but was feeling uninspired so off I went to the daily prompt at wordpress and found something to write about! Today’s daily prompt was called hate to love. I had to write about something I hate to love so here goes! I’ve just got 2 words for the thing I hate to love. Piers Morgan Piers 2! I’ve got a love/hate relationship with him! I hate him because on AGT (“America’s Got Talent”) he was annoying, buzzer happy and mean (check out what happened once on BGT (“Britains Got Talent”) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntTv5dvU5gY) and yet I love him because on his CNN show he’s funny and entertaining! I’ll never forget his match with Manny Paquiao http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku6uqVdoJHQ! Also I love him because he has a big heart. During the Olympics in London he’d give money to the Great Ormond Street hospital (a childrens hospital in London) everytime an athelete would sing “God Save The Queen”! He’d also place bets on soccer games with friends on twitter and the looser would have to donate money. It’s super awesome that he cares about the kids and does this for them! What’s something you love to hate (or hate to love)? Tell me in the comments!


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