Hey blog world! For some reason I like looking at pictures that restore faith in humanity. On the Smosh website (www.smosh.com) they had some of those images. One of which was an article about a totally epic fundraising win! This isn’t the article from Smosh but it’s a similar one about the same story http://evanston.suntimes.com/news/9449070-418/baby-baby-baby-no-pay-up-or-be-forced-to-listen-to-justin-bieber.html! I HATE Justin Bieber so I thought this was awesome! I’ve even talked to the teacher who’s the head of my school’s student council and suggested we do this next time we need to hold a fundraiser! I would pay loads and loads of money just to shut up Bieber! I bet other students would too! With a fundraiser like this I’m sure we could get loads of money in a matter of days (or maybe even minutes if the student population hates him that much LOL!) I love the people that came up with this idea and really want to do this at my school someday! What do you think? Would you want to have this fundraiser at your school? Tell me in the comments!


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