Youth Christmas Party

Hey blog world! Last night my Youth Group had a Christmas party! It was lots of fun! To start off the night we had a turkey dinner! It was really really yummy! For desert there was cheescake, chocolate cake and peanut butter balls! I liked the peaut butter balls the best! At each of the tables there were Christmas trivia sheets and I had fun filling out mine! I got a lot of the answers right! One of the questions was what is the #1 selling Christmas song. I couldn’t figure it out so I left it blank but when one of the leaders was correcting the sheet and asked the question I just blurted out “”White Christmas” by Bing Crosby?” I was right! That was such a lucky guess! After our dinner we played a game. I forget what it was called but we were shown close ups of Christmas images and had to guess what they were. They weren’t very easy! After that game we played some minute to win it games! I played one where I had to put on a pair of reindeer antlers, put petrolium jelly on my nose and tie a string with a big cotton ball on it around my neck and try and get it on my nose without using my hands. That wasn’t very easy! I didn’t get it done in time! Another thing that wasn’t easy was getting the string with the cotton ball off! It took a while but thankfully it finally came off me! Then we had a gift exchange! One of the leaders would call out a number and if you had that number you could go to the tree, pick a gift and unwrap it OR you could steal a present from someone else! There were lots of cool gifts! My cousin got a nativity set, several people got gift cards (for Tim Hortons, Booster Juice and Lawtons), I got a Christmas CD and my very unfortunate friend got a bag full of items. One of which was a potty training VHS! LOL! We also had a ugly sweater contest! I wore my dad’s sweater and decorated it with ribbons and all kinds of other things! I won! My prize was a $5 gift card for Lawtons! I loved it! I wonder what to get with it? I can’t wait til January when Youth Group starts up again! I can’t wait to go back! Have you been to any Christmas parties yet this year? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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