Characters I’d love to play

Hi blog world! I couldn’t think of anything to write about today so I went here to find some inspiration. On their blog they sent a challenge to write a blog post without using three letter words.  challenge accepted! I love acting so today I’m going to write about characters from musicals that I’d love to play!

Tracy Turnblad (“Hairspray”) Tracy Turnblad: She’s so awesome! Ever since I went to Empire Theaters with my Mother to watch this movie I thought it would be so cool to play Tracy in a live production of “Hairspray”! I have actually gotten to be Tracy once though it wasn’t in a live production of “Hairspray”. My musical theater group performed a musical theatre concert where each of us chose a musical theater solo then on show night we sang them in front of an audience! I chose “Good Morning Baltimore”! I dressed up in an outfit similar to hers and used hairspray to make my hair like hers! I really enjoyed getting to be Tracy!

Agatha Hannigan (“Annie”) Miss Hannigan 3: Agatha is an evil, drunken terror who’s also in charge of running an orphanidge. Agatha treats every orphan like dirt! Even though she’s evil I’d still like to play Agatha on stage someday! I like playing villains sometimes!

Dorothy (“Wizard Of OZ”) Dorothy: I love this musical! Dorothy is my favorite character (right next to Scarecrow!) I’d performed in “Wizard Of OZ” before with my musical theater group! I unfortunately wasn’t Dorothy. I played Auntie Em! Someday I’d love to play Dorothy on stage!

Mimi (“Rent”) Mimi: Mimi is my favorite girl character from “Rent”! I love “Light My Candle” Mimi sings this with Roger after asking if he could light Mimi’s candle. Even though Mimi’s songs have lots of high notes I’d still like to be Mimi someday!

Instead of posing a question like I usually do to finish my posts today I’m going to challenge everyone reading this to also do this! Choose a topic then write a blog post about it without using three letter words! Good luck!



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