Santa Claus Parade 2012

Hey blog world! I went to the Santa Claus Parade this year and it was awesome! The one I went to was the one in CBS. It was really cool! There were several grinches (I think there were 2 but I’m not entirely sure) and of cours where there’s a Grinch there are Who’s. There were also a few mummers, Handy Manny, Barney and lots of other cartoon characters! There was even a “Sesame Street” float! The one strange thing about that float was that Ernie had an identical twin brother (maybe his name was Bernie! LOL!) There were 2 people dressed in Ernie costumes! My school even had a float in the parade! Our spirit council rode on the float along with our new school mascot Duke the bulldog! It was so cool! There was lots of candy thrown out which was awesome! I got 3 or 4 bags of it! As did my Neice! There are usually bands and/or cheerleaders in the parade each year but I was surprised not to see any this year! I always look forward to the bands and cheerleaders! Oh well! There was a bit of an intermission inbetween the parade because I think Santa got caught in a little traffic so he was bit behind from the rest of the parade but at least he came! I loved getting to see him! Did you go to a Santa Claus parade this year? What was your favorite float in the parade? Tell me in the comments!


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