My favorite Christmas specials

Hey blog world! Christmas comes but once a year and so do Christmas specials on the TV! There are a lot of them that I look forward to watching each year! Here they are!

“A Colbert Christmas (The Greatest Gift Of All)” A Colbert Christmas: This special is so awesome! I watch it every year! It’s about Stephen who is about to go to New York to film his Christmas special with Elvis Costello Elvis Costello but he can’t get outside of his cabin because there’s a bear outside! This special has lots of awesome guest stars! There’s John Stewart, Fiest, John Legend, Willie Nelson, Santa and my favorite of all Toby Keith! This is a musical and I’ve got every word to every song memorized! My 2 favorites are “Another Christmas Song” and “Can I Interest You In Hannuka” (Sorry I couldn’t find the one from the special!) I laugh so much when John says “We have candles!” Then Stephen says “What are they?” Then John says “THEY ARE CANDLES!” That’s my favorite line of the whole entire song!

“Elmo’s Christmas Countdown” ECC: I don’t care how old I am I will always love “Seame Street”! In this special Stiller the elf (played by Ben Stiller) comes to Sesame Street with his Christmas Counter Downer. It’s basically a plastic Christmas tree with 10 boxes in it. These boxes help count down the last 10 days to Christmas. Without it Christmas just ain’t gonna happen. Stiller has done some (very incorrect) research and has found that Oscar has more Christmas spirit than anyone else so he wants him to count down Christmas. Being the grouch that he is Oscar throws down the counter downer and breaks it. It’s now up to Elmo to yet again save Christmas! This special has loads of awesome guest stars! Ty Pennington (from “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”), Kevin James (he was in “Zookeeper”, “Here Comes The Boom” and “Paul Blart Mall Cop”) and my favorite male country singer Brad Paisley!

“Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special” Jeff Dunham Christmas: To me this is his most special special because it’s the very first Jeff Dunham special that I’ve ever seen! My favorite part of this special is when Achmed sings “Jingle Bombs” I like that song so much I have it on my iPod!

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” Charlie Brown Christmas: This is definately a classic! In my opinion the Christmas season doesn’t officially start until this special comes on the TV set!

What’s your favorite Christmas special? Tell me in the comments!


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