Best Fictional Moustaches

Hey blog world! It’s the final day of Movember so all the Mo Bros will be shaving off their new staches later on today! To celebrate the end of Movember I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite fictional characters with really cool moustaches!

Mr Noodle and Mr Noodle’s Brother Mr Noodle (“Elmo’s World”) Mr Noodle,Mr Noodle's Brother Mr Noodle: These 2 moustached brothers have been cracking me up for years and years! They may not be the smartest crayons in the box but at least they’re stylish, funny and have awesome moustaches!

Johnny Test (“Johnny Test”)Johnny Test: Sure he only had the stache for one episode but it was cool! It was long, orange and yellow! Sure it wreaked havoc on Porkbelly but that made it even cooler! It’s not everyday you see an evil moustache!

Earl Hickey (“My Name Is Earl”) Earl: I don’t know why but I love bad guys with moustaches!

Sportacus (“Lazy Town”) Sportacus: I think his is a pencil moustache. It’s small but it’s cute!

Billy Blazes (“Rescue Heroes”) Billy Blazes: He was my dream guy when I was little! He was a cute fireman with a moustache! What more could a girl ask for?

Who are some of your favorite moustached fictional characters? Tell me in the comments!

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