Who I Hope To See At This Years Comedy Fest

Hey blog world! As you all know every year there is a comedy fest in St Johns (2 years ago it was the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest and last year it was the St John’s Comedy Fest. Weather or not they’ll rename it this year I don’t know) and it’s become a tradition for me and my Dad to go every year. We started 2 years ago and I doubt we’re gonna stop! There has been no mention of who’s gonna be there this year but there are some people I hope to see!

Sean Cullen : He performed at the comedy fest 2 years ago. That was my very first time attending the fest and also my very first time seeing him live! He sang a song called “Cacheevo” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1GlRo-M2Cw. It creeped me out but I enjoyed it! I looked him up on youtube and listened to some more of his stuff and I loved it all! I really hope he comes back this year! If he does I hope he performs “Food Of Choice” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o4l8-EkzyM!

Nikki Payne : She spits and has a lot of issues! That’s what makes her so funny! She’s been to the festival both times I was there and I loved her performances each time! Especially last year when pretty much her entire act revolved around me! That was awesome! I hope she’ll come back and perform at this years comedy fest! I’d love to get to see her again!

Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood . These two are hillarious improv masters and it would be awesome if they were able to come to this years comedy fest! If they did and I went and they asked for a volunteer from the audience I swear my hand would be the first up!

Tom Papa . He was here in Newfoundland before as part of the Just For Laughs relationship tour. I love Tom Papa so I would have gone but the thing is that I saw the poster for the tour on the DAY OF! Oh well! I hope he’ll come to the comedy fest this year so I can get to see him live!

Bill Engvall : He’s my favorite out of the 4 Blue Collar Comedy guys (the other 3 are Ron “Tater Salad” White, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy!) If he came to Newfoundland and did the Comedy Fest I’d get a big piece of yellow bristol board and make him his very own sign and give it to him after the show!

Will you be going to the St John’s Comedy Fest this year? Tell me who you hope to see there in the comments!

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