Shows I’d Like To Be On

Hey blog world! There are a lot of TV shows I think it’d be cool to be on! Even if I’m cast as an extra I’d be happy! Here are a few shows I’d like to be on an episode of!

“Sesame Street”: I know this is a little kids show but I’ve still not outgrown it! I love it! It’d be awesome to be on an episode of that show! If I could I’d really like to get to sing “Sing” with Abby and Elmo!

“Almost Naked Animals”: If I could get the chance to do a voice over on this show I like to be either related to or in love with Duck  because he’s my favorite character!

“Arthur”: I love Arthur’s TV series and books too! That’s why I’d really like to be on his show! If I got the chance I’d love to have my character befriend George !

“Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta” : When I find my perfect man and get married I really want to book a flight to Atlanta and get my wedding dress at Bridals by Lori! Because then I’d get to be on TV, find the perfect wedding gown and best of all meet Monte ! He’s a diva but that’s what makes him so entertaining!

“The Big Bang Theory”: I’m a nerd which is why I’d be perfect to be on an episode of this show!

“Match Game”: I watch this show every night and play along at home! It’d be a dream come true to one day get to be on this show! Even if I don’t win that’d be ok because I’d get to meet lots of awesome celebrities! The one I’d like to meet the most is Sean Cullen  (I met him at the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest but I’d like to get to meet him again and maybe chat more). If I do get to be on “Match Game” I’d only have 1 question for Sean. That would be “What food will end your life tonight?” LOL (if you don’t get the joke watch this

What show would you like to be on? Tell me in the comments!


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