Cloud 9 Moments

Hey blog world! There have been lots of times when I was so happy I was on cloud 9! Here are a few of those times!

  • When I received a plane ticket to Disney World for Christmas: I had been wanting to go there for a long time and when I was 8 I found a plane ticket under the tree! I squealed and was extremely happy!
  • Hearing “Everlasting God” at YC: It’s one of my most favorite Christian songs and I was thrilled to hear it played!
  • Hugging Chris De Burgh: It was the best hug ever! I was not expecting to get it and I was super happy to get it!
  • Receiving diamonds for my 14th birthday: My Boyfriend is the best one ever! He gave me a REAL diamond necklace for my 14th birthday! It was one of the best gifts ever!
  • Getting kissed on the cheek by Mike Bullard at the St John’s Comedy Fest: It was totally unexpected and totally awesome! I felt so special getting a kiss on the cheek from him!
  • Being selected to be a viewer request of the day on “Kortney and Dave By Request” When I saw their name in  my inbox I was like “What the? How do the Wilsons know my e mail?” I then opened it and saw that they were asking me to be their viewer request of the day on their show! I was extremely happy that I’d get to share my Grandma’s story with the viewers and skype with 2 famous people!
  • Speaking with Mauricio Herrera on the phone! That was definately something I’ll never forget! I loved getting the chance to do that!
  • When Manafest asked for my demo: When I met him after he did a performance at the Majestic during YC I told him I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. He said not to wait that long and to start now. I told him I had and I was working on making a CD. Then he told me to hand him something next year and that he wanted my demo! I couldn’t believe that a celebrity had asked for a copy of my music! It was one of the coolest things ever!
  • Nearly being stepped on by Charlie Pride: Charlie Pride is one of my favorite country singers! I went to see him in concert once with my Dad and Grandparents and I had my hand on the stage to shake hands with him and he didn’t see it and he nearly stepped on it! It was so cool almost being stepped on by Charlie!
  • Making my special friend smile: I have a friend who I went to school with who is in a wheelchair and also nonverbal. One day while me, him and two student assistants were out for a walk I was telling the student assistants about how I won 2nd place at the talent show at Youth Group and one of them asked me to sing the song I sang (it was “The Impossible” by Joe Nichols and the whole time I was singing my friend looked at me and he smiled! I felt so happy knowing that he liked what he heard and I had made him happy!
  • Receiving the first ever Janeway Telethon pin: A few years ago after I’d appeared on the telethon I was in a room at the Janeway getting some stuff to eat and talking to a member of the lions club. I told him I collected Janeway pins and he gave me the very first one ever! It was a boy and girl riding in the orange and yellow Childrens Miracle Network hot air balloon with the letters JCHF (Janeway Childrens Hospital Foundation) written on it in silver! I was very happy and very honoured to receive this pin!
  • When I got to sing into the microphone at “Forever Young”: At the Rod Stewart tribute show that I went to called “Forever Young” Kelly Ann Evans (the girl doing the show) let me sing into the mic during “Hot Legs”! I got to sing “I love ya honey!” I felt so special when that happened!

What things have made you so happy that you were on cloud 9? Tell me in the comments!


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