My Birthday Party

Hey blog world! Last night was my birthday party! My actual birthday is on the 20th but we celebrated early! I had a dance at the Orange Mens Lodge! It was awesome! My Neice counted 25 partygoers so I had a great turnout! The DJ (one of my friends from bowling) did a great job and played lots of the songs on the playlist I made for her that I really wanted to hear like “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae, “Patricia The Stripper” by Chris De Burgh and “Everytime You Run” by Manafest I had a great time dancing with my friends. Unfortunately one of them got hurt during “Peter Street Dance Remix” by the Celtic Connection During it I heard a loud scream and I ran over to my friend who was down on the floor crying and said she needed help! I got my Dad and he said he kneecap was popped out of place! I don’t do well in situations like this at all. I had a major panic attack! Thankfully all my friends hugged me and helped me calm down! And also thankfully my friends kneecap is all better now. It popped back in when he parents came to get her. A few minutes before her parents arrived for her we got our pizza! It was from Pronto pizza and it tasted amazing! Also the cake was delicious too! After we ate we got to hit the pinata. It was a Justin Bieber one . Me and my friends (even the ones who liked him) really enjoyed beating up Justin! After beating Bieber I opened my presents! I got $260 cash, $50 dollars for iTunes and I think $25 for HMV! I also got 5 puzzles! A 1500 oceanscape which will be very difficult, a 750 piece puzzle with tigers (and also a 750 piece with pandas), a 40 piece one of a puppy that turns into a dog and a 500 piece one of sharks and when you tilt the puzzle it looks like their moving! It’s so cool! I was sad when it was time to go because I was having such a great time but I had a great party which I’m sure to never forget and I have a load of memories and pictures as well! What was the coolest thing you ever did at a birthday party? Tell me in the comments!


5 thoughts on “My Birthday Party

  1. it was really fun!!! exept for when laura popped her knee cap of course! and the best thing i did at my birthday party was a big boa constrictor wraping around my neck when i had a newfoundland jungle birthdat party!

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