Hey blog world! The internet is absolutely FULL of Memes! I’m not entirely sure how to explain what they are but this Smosh video may help you get an idea I find them very funny and entertaining! Here are some of my favorites!

“Overly Attached Girlfriend” . She’s extremely creepy but I like her meme anyway.

“Tough Spongebob” . I love Spongebob! He’s awesome! His meme is awesome too! He may not be tough but he’s funny!

“Y U No Guy” : This meme is funny and I agree with a lot of the stuff he says at times in the meme! Also it was a pleasant surprise to find a level of the game fat slice 2 with him in it!

“Pepperidge Farm Remembers” . As you can tell by the style of the drawing in this meme it started off as something from “Family Guy” and then “Escalated Quickly” (I just made a meme pun! Get it?) Into an internet meme! A lot of the stuff this meme says isn’t just remembered by Pepperidge farm. I remember a lot of the stuff as well! That’s one of the things I like about this meme!

“Most Interesting Man In The World” . This guy started as a person in a beer ad and then became an internet meme! I loved the commercials and was glad to see him online!

What’s your favorite meme? Tell me in the comments!


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