21 Jump Street Review

Hey blog world! Last night I had a sleepover at my Aunt’s house. We cooked a pizza and browsed her on demand stuff to find a good movie to watch. We found “21 Jump Street” and decided to watch that. It was about 2 cops named Schmidt and Jenko who go undercover as college students. I thought it was quite funny! I was a bit grossed out when they tried to induce vomiting after being forced to take HFS (I’m not gonna tell you what that abbreviation is because it contains 2 cuss words) and I also had to close my eyes during a fight that broke out at a party the 2 guys were throwing but other than that I enjoyed it! I’m giving it a 5 out of 10. It was good but it could have been a bit better. There was a lot of cussing in the film. I think they should have cut that down a bit. There was also a lot of violence as well. At least I laughed at it! My favorite part was when Schmidt’s Aunt nearly blew his cover at the mall! I also liked when Schmidt auditioned for “Peter Pan”. He did a great job of singing! Have you seen this movie? Tell me what you liked or didn’t like about it in the comments!


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