Shows I didn’t think I’d like but did

Hey blog world! There are a lot of TV shows out there that I just know I’m not gonna like from the start. There have been however a few shows that I thought that I wouldn’t like but I end up liking them! Here are some!

“Scrubs” : I’m not a fan of medical shows. I don’t even like hospitals in real life. Which is why I didn’t think I’d like “Scrubs” I happened upon it last night on ABC Spark and I heard that the show was a comedy so I thought I’d check it out just to see what it was about. It was actually quite funny! I enjoyed it!

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” : I hate “Toddlers & Tiaras”. It’s not right! When I first saw a preview for this show I thought it was going to be just as bad or maybe even worse! I watched it one night bcause there was nothing else on and I wanted to check out the show and see just how bad it was. It turns out it wasn’t that bad after all! Alana (“Honey Boo Boo Child”) is a diva but she’s pretty dang entertaining! and Glitzy was so cool (fun fact. Glitzy made TV history by being the first ever Gay pig!) I also love the accents that Alana and her family have and their redneck words are cool! I think Jeff Foxworthy should consider adding them to his “Redneck Dictionary”.

“Piers Morgan Tonight” : I hated Piers as a judge on AGT. I found him very mean. Since I didn’t like him I didn’t think I’d like his CNN show but I watched it anyway. I found it very interesting! Also now that he’s added “Only In America” to the show it’s funny and very entertaining! I one day hope to be interviewed by Piers on this show! That’d be cool!

“Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids” (and Atlanta)  : I’m not much of a fashion show person. I don’t like wedding shows either. That’s why I didn’t think I’d like “Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids” or “Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta”. I don’t know why but I watched “Say Yes To The Cure: Lori’s Fight” and that made me want to watch these 2 shows! They’re very entertaining! Monte (one of the employees of Bridals by Lori (where the show takes place)) never ceases to entertain (or impress) and the drama and catfights are fun to watch (Atlantian brides and bridesmaids are DIVAS!)

What shows did you think you wouldn’t like at first but ended up liking? tell me in the comments!


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