Amusement Parks

Hey blog world! I’m a thrill seeker! I love doing adventurous and thrilling stuff! That’s why I love amusement parks! All the rides and attractions can really get you excited and get your adrenaline pumping! Here are my favorite ones that I’ve been to!

Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto) . This started off as Paramount Canada’s Wonderland but in 2006 they dropped the word Paramount from the name. I can’t remember when I went but I think Paramount was still in it’s name when I was there. I thought this place was really cool! I got to go bungee jumping (on a trampoline wearing a safety harness), I got to go on on really cool rides like the “Wild Thornberries” ride called the Treetop Lookout (which is aparently now a “Peanuts” ride called the Pumpkin Patch), saw a Hanna Barbera 4D movie twice (I saw it once cause it’s the one I picked out and I saw it again later because the Spongebob one that I wanted to see was closed) and I got to meet a bunch of Nickelodian characters that were roaming around the park! There were Pablo  and Tyrone from “The Backyardigans”, Dora  (who I don’t know why I got my picture with) from “Dora The Explorer” and Arnold  just to name a few!

Six Flags  (New Jersey): Six Flags has several locations but I’ve only been to the one in New Jersey. It was cool! The rides were so much fun! My favorite one was the pirate ship! It was a HUGE pirate ship that you sat in and it’d swing back and forth. Me and my Mom and my 2 cousins were sat with me in the very last seats on the boat. They were right in the very back! We went up super high and it was so much fun coming down! I was laughing and screaming the whole time! I loved every minute! My cousins and Mother didn’t which is why I got on again and sat in the very same seat and they didn’t. There was also a ride there called “The Dark Knight”. It was of course based on the Batman movie. They took your picture while you were on the ride and me and my Mom were frightened! You should have seen our faces LOL! My favorite part of the park was definately the dance party Mr 6  (the 6 flags mascot) threw in the middle of the park! I think he’s probably well over 90 but he’s an awesome dancer! A bunch of Looney Tunes were at the dance party as well! There was Tweety, Bugs, Lola and Sylvester (whom I took a dance lesson from. They played a song that I didn’t know how to dance to so I just copied Sylvesters moves.)

Walt Disney World  (Orlando Florida): I love the feeling I get when I see the opening for Disney movies When the castle appears on screen I get to smile, point at it and say “I was there!” Going to Disney World was the best experience ever! I loved going to all the theme parks (I liked MGM Studios the best), seeing all the shows (I loved “Drew Carey’s Sounds Dangerous” and “High School Musical Pep Ralley”), tasting the food (the tacos they had in the Mexico Pavillion at the World Showcase in Epcot were awesome), riding the rides (My favorites were Kali River Rapids in the Animal Kingdom and Soarin in Epcot) and seeing all the characters! I loved getting to meet Goffy, Pluto, Snow White and Mickey (he even gave me a kiss on the hand! That was awesome!)

Thomas Amusements (Newfoundland) : It is unfortunately not a permanent amusement park like all the other ones I mentioned. It’s a mobile one that only lasts about a few weeks before it moves on to it’s next destination! At least I get to go out and enjoy it while it’s close by! My favorite rides here are the Tornado and the Scrambler! I also like playing the carnival games. The prizes aren’t very good but at least I enjoy playing the games! The food is really yummy too (although the candy apples stick to your teeth!) I can’t wait til Thomas Amusements comes back to Mt Pearl so I can go on all the rides again!

What’s your favorite amusement park? Tell me in the comments


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