Forever Young

Hey blog world! Last night was so much fun! Mom and I went to see “Forever Young” at the Arts and Culture Center! It was a tribute to Rod Stewart! When I went online to see if there were any tickets left for the show I saw that there were a bunch of front row seats still availlable so I asked Mom to get us seats in the front row and she did! We sat right smack dab in the middle of the front row! A really cool thing was that we had the entire row to ourselves! No one else was sitting in the front row! That made me feel kinda special! I forget what Kelly Ann Evans (the girl doing the show) opened the show with but I know that the 2nd song she sang was “Maggie May” and I was singing along to every word because it’s one of my most favorite Rod Stewart songs! She also sang lots of my other favorite Rod Stewart songs as well like “Young Turks” (I feel a bit like a dunce because I always thought this song was called “Young Hearts Be Free Tonight” and “Your In My Heart” Kelly wasn’t the only singer in the show. There were 2 other people with her that night. Steve Power and Don Coady. When Steve first came on stage he sang “You Wear It Well” I thought he was really good! He had a great voice! Don got to do a solo as well (he may have done more than one but I forget if he did!) He sang “Some Guys Have All The Luck” He was also really good! The 3 of them did a few songs together as well! I thought it was awesome how Kelly called for a disco ball and then they all sang “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” I was disco dancing and singing along the whole time! I also loved it when they sang “Hot Legs” I felt really awesome during that song because Kelly let me sing into the microphone! I got to do the “I love ya honey” part! It was so much fun! Another special guest that Kelly had was a saxaphonest. I forget his name but I don’t forget his sound! He was awesome! Everytime he’d come out I’d get excited because I really wanted to hear “Baby Jane” that night and it had a sax part in it so everytime the saxist would come out in my head I’d be saying “Please play “Baby Jane” please play “Baby Jane”!” He came out several times and each time I’d get hyped hoping it’d be “Baby Jane” but time after time that wasn’t it! I was beginning to think they wouldn’t do it but eventually they did and I was super happy! Another thing that made me super happy was that during the 2nd half of the show Kelly asked me my name and my age and how I knew all the words to all the songs. I told her it was because I loved Rod Stewart and she said “Clearly!” Then she asked me if I’d be her replacement and do the show for her if she ever got sick! I of course agreed and then she told me that I’d kill (in the good way of course) and that made me feel awesome! Also the Newmans Sound Mens choir got to perform with Kelly last night! My dentist is in that choir! I know dentists are people too and they all have lives but I felt really awkward seeing him outside of his office! The choir did a really awesome job of singing! Even though I felt kinda awkward I enjoyed their performance! They did “Sailing” and “The Motown Song” They all have such amazing voices! A bagpiper was in the show as well! He played “The Rhythm Of My Heart” I’m not a big fan of the bagpipes but the guy playing them last night was great! I liked the way it sounded! As the night was drawing to a close I realized that Kelly didn’t do “Forever Young” yet. It was the shows title so I figured she was gonna do it. It seemed like she didn’t because she sang the last song and walked off stage then the curtain closed. A moment later the curtain re opened and then her and Don and Steve (with an accoustic guitar) came out and they sang “Forever Young”! When they finished I stood up and I clapped! I loved every minute of the show! On the way out I saw Kelly and I got a hug, her autograph and took a picture with her. I talked with her for a while as well and she said that “Maggie May” was hard for her because it had a lot of words to memorize and tonight she looked down in the front row and saw me singing along with all the words and she was like “Who is that girl?!” She was amazed at how I knew all the words to all the songs! I also ran into Don (more like ran after him really because he was headed out the door and I had to run to catch up with him LOL!) He remembered me! He even remembered my name! He and I got a picture together and I got his autograph as well! I wanted to see Steve as well but I couldn’t find him! Oh well! Did you see the show? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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