Say Yes To The Dress

Hey blog world! A few nights ago as I was flipping stations I came across an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids” on TLC. It’s a show that I never thought I would like! I was wrong! I actually ended up enjoying it! The dresses were so pretty and the catfights and drama were entertaining! Atlantian brides can be such divas! After “Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids” was “Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta” which I also really enjoyed! These 2 shows are filmed at the same bridal shop and I love the people that work there! Especially Monte Durham . He is totally awesome! He’s funny, charming and can keep his cool even when dealing with the most demanding of brides! There have been a lot of doozies! For example there was a girl who had tried on over 50 dresses and had come to Bridals by Lori (the name of the store where “Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta” and “Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids” takes place) as a last resort! She was extremely picky and kept saying “No” over and over again but Monte was patient and kept his cool and was able to find the girl her dream dress! The woman who runs the store is named Lori . I love her accent! I also love how brave she is! She was diagnosed with breast cancert but as she said in her new special “Say Yes To The Cure Lori’s Fight” she’s got her big girl panties on and is ready to kick breast cancers butt! Because of these 2 I love Thursdays and Fridays so much more now because those are Bridesdays on TLC! That means that they air all wedding shows during the day and night! It’s awesome! Do you like “Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta” or “Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids”? Tell me what you like about it in the comments!


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