Best Fictional Moustaches

Hey blog world! It’s the final day of Movember so all the Mo Bros will be shaving off their new staches later on today! To celebrate the end of Movember I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite fictional characters with really cool moustaches!

Mr Noodle and Mr Noodle’s Brother Mr Noodle (“Elmo’s World”) Mr Noodle,Mr Noodle's Brother Mr Noodle: These 2 moustached brothers have been cracking me up for years and years! They may not be the smartest crayons in the box but at least they’re stylish, funny and have awesome moustaches!

Johnny Test (“Johnny Test”)Johnny Test: Sure he only had the stache for one episode but it was cool! It was long, orange and yellow! Sure it wreaked havoc on Porkbelly but that made it even cooler! It’s not everyday you see an evil moustache!

Earl Hickey (“My Name Is Earl”) Earl: I don’t know why but I love bad guys with moustaches!

Sportacus (“Lazy Town”) Sportacus: I think his is a pencil moustache. It’s small but it’s cute!

Billy Blazes (“Rescue Heroes”) Billy Blazes: He was my dream guy when I was little! He was a cute fireman with a moustache! What more could a girl ask for?

Who are some of your favorite moustached fictional characters? Tell me in the comments!


Who I Hope To See At This Years Comedy Fest

Hey blog world! As you all know every year there is a comedy fest in St Johns (2 years ago it was the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest and last year it was the St John’s Comedy Fest. Weather or not they’ll rename it this year I don’t know) and it’s become a tradition for me and my Dad to go every year. We started 2 years ago and I doubt we’re gonna stop! There has been no mention of who’s gonna be there this year but there are some people I hope to see!

Sean Cullen : He performed at the comedy fest 2 years ago. That was my very first time attending the fest and also my very first time seeing him live! He sang a song called “Cacheevo” It creeped me out but I enjoyed it! I looked him up on youtube and listened to some more of his stuff and I loved it all! I really hope he comes back this year! If he does I hope he performs “Food Of Choice”!

Nikki Payne : She spits and has a lot of issues! That’s what makes her so funny! She’s been to the festival both times I was there and I loved her performances each time! Especially last year when pretty much her entire act revolved around me! That was awesome! I hope she’ll come back and perform at this years comedy fest! I’d love to get to see her again!

Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood . These two are hillarious improv masters and it would be awesome if they were able to come to this years comedy fest! If they did and I went and they asked for a volunteer from the audience I swear my hand would be the first up!

Tom Papa . He was here in Newfoundland before as part of the Just For Laughs relationship tour. I love Tom Papa so I would have gone but the thing is that I saw the poster for the tour on the DAY OF! Oh well! I hope he’ll come to the comedy fest this year so I can get to see him live!

Bill Engvall : He’s my favorite out of the 4 Blue Collar Comedy guys (the other 3 are Ron “Tater Salad” White, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy!) If he came to Newfoundland and did the Comedy Fest I’d get a big piece of yellow bristol board and make him his very own sign and give it to him after the show!

Will you be going to the St John’s Comedy Fest this year? Tell me who you hope to see there in the comments!

Flea Market findings

Hey blog world! Every Sunday right across from Wonder World (an antique store in Newfoundland) there’s a massive flea market with lots of cool stuff! I’ve found some really neat things there and at other yard sales as well. Unfortunately I cannot find pictures of some of them so just imagine what they look like. I can’t remember where it was located but I remember going to a yard sale once and there was a HUGE box of toys. I looked through the box and found this weird baby gonzo toy . It confused me at first because I had no worldly idea what the heck it did but after experimenting I found out that when you turn the little yellow crank baby Gonzo and his rocking horse will move. At the Sunday yard sale across from Wonder World I once found a table with board games on it! One of them was a really old one that I’d never seen before! It was a Waltons board game . I had no idea that they had their own board game and I thought it was so cool! I wanted to buy it but unfortunately the instructions weren’t in it! Oh well! I also found “Charlie Farquharson’s K-O-R-N Alllmynack” . It’s actually spelled Almanac but I guess Charlie is as bad at spelling as he is at pronouncing certain words! It’s an ALMANAC written by the “Hee Haw” character Charlie Farquharsen. It included horroscopes, his diary, reviews from other “Hee Haw” cast members on the back and some other things which I have forgotten! It’s really funny and I love reading it out loud and pronouncing the words like Charlie! Another neat thing I found at the Sunday yard sale was a book called “The Somebody Kid” . It was a Mr T book! I think Mr T is awesome so I bought it. I took it home and read it and loved it! It’s such an inspirational story about being yourself! Also at that yard sale I found a DVD box set of old comedy shows (most of which were in black and white.) There was “The Lucy Show”, “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “The Andy Griffith Show” just to name a few. I can’t remember where I found it too but I remember going to a yard sale and finding a Homer Simpson toy. It was Homer on his knees drooling and he was attached to a plate of donuts. The donuts were attached to a string. When you’d pull the donuts away from Homer he’d move towards them! It was so cool! I also found an entire box of “Sesame Street” dictionairies . They defined words like “Flabberghasted”, “Witch” and “Grouch” in simple ways young Children could easily understand. Some definitions would even include pictures! I also once found a VHS tape called “Kids For Character” . It must have been from the late 90’s or 80’s or something like that because it had an intro by Tom Selleck! It was a video that used familliar Children’s characters to teach them about the 6 pillars of character Trustworthiness (Julie from “The Puzzle Place” told us how she found Skye’s pouch that was given to him by his grandfather and lied to him telling him she didn’t know where it was because she wanted to keep it but did the right thing by telling Skye the truth), Respect (Barney and his friends use song to teach Baby Bop about respecting others), Responsibility (Arnold from “The Magic School Bus” teaches us about responsibility when he tells us about when he was in charge of Mrs Frizzles bus keys but leaves them locked in the bathroom), Fairness (Shari Lewis teaches Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse about fairness using jelly beans), Caring (James and all his friends from “Gullah Gullah Island” are playing limbo but when Binyah Binyah Pollywog breaks the broom James gets really mad! So much so that Binyah Binyah Pollywog runs away!) And finally Citizenship (Babar and his kingdom work together to put out a fire.) To end off the program there was a huge parade with Garfield, Cat In The Hat, Madeline and a bunch of kids from the boys and girls club and YMCA! It was really cool! What are some cool (or weird or strange) things you’ve found at a flea market or yard sale? Tell me in the comments!

Cloud 9 Moments

Hey blog world! There have been lots of times when I was so happy I was on cloud 9! Here are a few of those times!

  • When I received a plane ticket to Disney World for Christmas: I had been wanting to go there for a long time and when I was 8 I found a plane ticket under the tree! I squealed and was extremely happy!
  • Hearing “Everlasting God” at YC: It’s one of my most favorite Christian songs and I was thrilled to hear it played!
  • Hugging Chris De Burgh: It was the best hug ever! I was not expecting to get it and I was super happy to get it!
  • Receiving diamonds for my 14th birthday: My Boyfriend is the best one ever! He gave me a REAL diamond necklace for my 14th birthday! It was one of the best gifts ever!
  • Getting kissed on the cheek by Mike Bullard at the St John’s Comedy Fest: It was totally unexpected and totally awesome! I felt so special getting a kiss on the cheek from him!
  • Being selected to be a viewer request of the day on “Kortney and Dave By Request” When I saw their name in  my inbox I was like “What the? How do the Wilsons know my e mail?” I then opened it and saw that they were asking me to be their viewer request of the day on their show! I was extremely happy that I’d get to share my Grandma’s story with the viewers and skype with 2 famous people!
  • Speaking with Mauricio Herrera on the phone! That was definately something I’ll never forget! I loved getting the chance to do that!
  • When Manafest asked for my demo: When I met him after he did a performance at the Majestic during YC I told him I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. He said not to wait that long and to start now. I told him I had and I was working on making a CD. Then he told me to hand him something next year and that he wanted my demo! I couldn’t believe that a celebrity had asked for a copy of my music! It was one of the coolest things ever!
  • Nearly being stepped on by Charlie Pride: Charlie Pride is one of my favorite country singers! I went to see him in concert once with my Dad and Grandparents and I had my hand on the stage to shake hands with him and he didn’t see it and he nearly stepped on it! It was so cool almost being stepped on by Charlie!
  • Making my special friend smile: I have a friend who I went to school with who is in a wheelchair and also nonverbal. One day while me, him and two student assistants were out for a walk I was telling the student assistants about how I won 2nd place at the talent show at Youth Group and one of them asked me to sing the song I sang (it was “The Impossible” by Joe Nichols and the whole time I was singing my friend looked at me and he smiled! I felt so happy knowing that he liked what he heard and I had made him happy!
  • Receiving the first ever Janeway Telethon pin: A few years ago after I’d appeared on the telethon I was in a room at the Janeway getting some stuff to eat and talking to a member of the lions club. I told him I collected Janeway pins and he gave me the very first one ever! It was a boy and girl riding in the orange and yellow Childrens Miracle Network hot air balloon with the letters JCHF (Janeway Childrens Hospital Foundation) written on it in silver! I was very happy and very honoured to receive this pin!
  • When I got to sing into the microphone at “Forever Young”: At the Rod Stewart tribute show that I went to called “Forever Young” Kelly Ann Evans (the girl doing the show) let me sing into the mic during “Hot Legs”! I got to sing “I love ya honey!” I felt so special when that happened!

What things have made you so happy that you were on cloud 9? Tell me in the comments!

Shows I’d Like To Be On

Hey blog world! There are a lot of TV shows I think it’d be cool to be on! Even if I’m cast as an extra I’d be happy! Here are a few shows I’d like to be on an episode of!

“Sesame Street”: I know this is a little kids show but I’ve still not outgrown it! I love it! It’d be awesome to be on an episode of that show! If I could I’d really like to get to sing “Sing” with Abby and Elmo!

“Almost Naked Animals”: If I could get the chance to do a voice over on this show I like to be either related to or in love with Duck  because he’s my favorite character!

“Arthur”: I love Arthur’s TV series and books too! That’s why I’d really like to be on his show! If I got the chance I’d love to have my character befriend George !

“Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta” : When I find my perfect man and get married I really want to book a flight to Atlanta and get my wedding dress at Bridals by Lori! Because then I’d get to be on TV, find the perfect wedding gown and best of all meet Monte ! He’s a diva but that’s what makes him so entertaining!

“The Big Bang Theory”: I’m a nerd which is why I’d be perfect to be on an episode of this show!

“Match Game”: I watch this show every night and play along at home! It’d be a dream come true to one day get to be on this show! Even if I don’t win that’d be ok because I’d get to meet lots of awesome celebrities! The one I’d like to meet the most is Sean Cullen  (I met him at the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest but I’d like to get to meet him again and maybe chat more). If I do get to be on “Match Game” I’d only have 1 question for Sean. That would be “What food will end your life tonight?” LOL (if you don’t get the joke watch this

What show would you like to be on? Tell me in the comments!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hey blog world! Yesterday was American Thanksgiving! Every year on American Thanksgiving NBC airs the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which takes place in NYC! I look forward to it every year! There’s broadway performances, MASSIVE balloons and Santa! This years parade was awesome! They always start off with Broadway performances while they wait for the parade to come by where they’re filming! This year they had performances from “Elf”, “Annie”, “Cinderella”, “Bring It On” and “Nice Work If You Can Get It”. I went completely extatic when at the beginning of the show they said that the cast of “Annie” would be performing because it’s one of my absolute favorite musicals! They performed “A New Deal For Christmas” I thought it was amazing! The choreography was stellar and so were the voices! I also really enjoyed the performance by the cast of “Elf”! They sang “The Story Of Buddy The Elf” They were really good as well! After all the broadway people did their performances the parade began! It was so cool! There are always loads of massive balloons of different characters in the parade and this year the first big balloon was Hello Kitty riding in an airplane! Some of the other big balloons that were there were Julius , Papa Smurf , Pikachu ,  and my most favorite balloon in the parade this year was Greg Heffley! There were lots of really cool floats too! There were several first thanksgiving floats and some with characters on them. Some even had people singing on them! For example “Sesame Street” had a float in the parade this year and they sang “What I Am”! A pleasant surprise for me was that Bob McGrath  (known only by his first name Bob on the show) was on the float! I hadn’t seen him on the street in years! It was great to see him again! Also Carly Rae Jepsen sang on one of the floats! My favorite float with someone singing on it was definately Mount Rushmore because the one and only Don McClean was on the float singing his most famous song “American Pie” which also happens to be one of my FAVORITE songs! It was such an amazing parade and I hope to one day get to go to NYC to see the parade! Did you watch it on TV were you there to see it? Tell me what your favorite part was in the comments!

My Birthday Party

Hey blog world! Last night was my birthday party! My actual birthday is on the 20th but we celebrated early! I had a dance at the Orange Mens Lodge! It was awesome! My Neice counted 25 partygoers so I had a great turnout! The DJ (one of my friends from bowling) did a great job and played lots of the songs on the playlist I made for her that I really wanted to hear like “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae, “Patricia The Stripper” by Chris De Burgh and “Everytime You Run” by Manafest I had a great time dancing with my friends. Unfortunately one of them got hurt during “Peter Street Dance Remix” by the Celtic Connection During it I heard a loud scream and I ran over to my friend who was down on the floor crying and said she needed help! I got my Dad and he said he kneecap was popped out of place! I don’t do well in situations like this at all. I had a major panic attack! Thankfully all my friends hugged me and helped me calm down! And also thankfully my friends kneecap is all better now. It popped back in when he parents came to get her. A few minutes before her parents arrived for her we got our pizza! It was from Pronto pizza and it tasted amazing! Also the cake was delicious too! After we ate we got to hit the pinata. It was a Justin Bieber one . Me and my friends (even the ones who liked him) really enjoyed beating up Justin! After beating Bieber I opened my presents! I got $260 cash, $50 dollars for iTunes and I think $25 for HMV! I also got 5 puzzles! A 1500 oceanscape which will be very difficult, a 750 piece puzzle with tigers (and also a 750 piece with pandas), a 40 piece one of a puppy that turns into a dog and a 500 piece one of sharks and when you tilt the puzzle it looks like their moving! It’s so cool! I was sad when it was time to go because I was having such a great time but I had a great party which I’m sure to never forget and I have a load of memories and pictures as well! What was the coolest thing you ever did at a birthday party? Tell me in the comments!