Fictional Characters I’d Love To Hang Out With

Hey blog world! There are lots of fictional characters that I wish were real because I think they’d be super cool to hang out with! Here are a few!

George Lundgren (from “Arthur”) : If George were real and we could hang out together I’d definately bring Megan  with me so she could meet Wally . I’d ask George to teach me ventrilloquism because he seems to be better than me at it! Also seeing as he likes bike riding I’d go for a ride with him! If only the Sugar Bowl were real! I’d love to bike down there with George and have a sundae!

Lisa Simpson (from “The Simpsons”) : Lisa is such a nice person! If she were real I would absolutely love to do girly things with her! We could have a spa day and go shopping! That’d be awesome!

Duck (from “Almost Naked Animals”) : The first thing I’d do if we could hang out together is dance with him because he’s a great dancer and can really get “Fun-kay” as he calls it

Davis Quinton (from “Corner Gas”): What a career day that would be! I’d love to go for a ride in the police car with him (as long as he doesn’t lock the keys in the trunk again LOL!)

Andy Taylor (from “The Andy Griffith Show”) : Sherrif Taylor holds a special place in my heart! He’d always make me laugh and smile whenever I was down! I loved spending half hours in Mayberry with Andy! Whenever I’d watch TAGS I’d feel as though Andy was my best friend! If Andy Taylor and Mayberry were real I know just what I’d like to do! I’d like to have a jam session with Andy (him on the guitar, me on piano), hold a contest to see who could peel an apple in one shot first and go fishing!

Ranger Squeeky (from “Danger Rangers”) : He may be one of the tiniest rangers but he’s my favorite! He’s cute, funny and I love his accent! If we could hang out since we both love cheese I’d make a plate of crackers and cheese for us to eat while we chat. Also I’d like to play ping pong with him. I think that’d be fun! Also I don’t know how good of a dancer he is but since my Neice and I have choreographed dances to all the “Danger Rangers” songs I’d like to teach him a few!

Which fictional characters would you like to hang out with? Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Fictional Characters I’d Love To Hang Out With

  1. Before reacting to this article, I should probably precise that I am 21 years old as of the day I’m writing this.

    I have not been diagnosed yet (it’s quite hard to get diagnosed, here, in France) but I suspect I may have an autistic spectrum disorder, without feeling whether it could be Asperger or not.

    It’s been seven years that I have been obsessed with a manga/anime character – and by “obsessed”, I mean mentally, intellectually, even physically obsessed. (That character is Blair, from the series “Soul Eater”.)

    I guess that that character is a “special interest”. Which is weird, because at first glance that character does not really represent something I would enjoy. You know, in typical shounen mangas and animes, there’s often one female character only here to show breasts and buttocks to the audience. Blair is part of those.

    I prefer characters who play a significant role in the stories, or even secondary characters who still take a part. And at the time I started to read Soul Eater (I was 14 years old) I was quite surprised by all the naked or little-clad scenes featuring Blair. It didn’t even arouse me.

    But I became progressively fond of that character, and I soon found out why. Blair wears black; I love wearing black clothes. Blair has cat ears; I am gaga about cats. Blair is super confident about herself and her body; I admired this, given that I lacked self-confidence in general. Blair throws jack-o-lanterns; I like Halloween-themed stuff (as long as it is not too gory!). Blair cares for others (sort of); I like this personality trait. Blair is joyful; I needed some joy.

    So I gradually started to like that character, beyond all the weird naked-ish scenes. And soon attraction ensued because I found that character very beautiful on top of that.

    A few years later, actions of this character collided with elements of my personal history – bad memories, really – and I felt distressed by this character’s actions as if those actions were real and as if they affected me in real life.

    But that didn’t stop the attraction (and brought many conflicted feelings).

    I am starting to wonder if developing feelings towards fictional characters is a trait which can be found among Aspies and autistic people in general. This could, at least, give me a rational explanation on why I feel so emotionally attached to a fictional character, and on why it’s still lasting for more than seven years now. This could give me some help, or reassure me, or making me feel that it has at least some part of rationality.

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