Restaurants I’d Love To Try

Hey blog world! I love going out to eat! There are lots of commercials on TV for restaurants that don’t have locations in Newfoundland and they look so delicious! Here are a few restaurants I wish we had in Newfoundland!

Golden Corral : This is a buffet restaurant with cotton candy and a chocolate fountain YUM! I have never ever seen a chocolate fountain in real life nor have I ever gotten to dunk anything in one! I would love to do that someday!

Ruby Tuesday . In case your wondering YES the restaurant was named after the Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday” (which is my favorite Rolling Stones song EVER!)! The food in the commercials look so good!

Harvey’s : This is a Canaidan burger restaurant chain that aparently we used to have one of in Newfoundland! It sucks I wasn’t born then! I wish they’d bring it back! It’s basically Subway but for burgers (in other words you pick whatever you want put on your burger and it gets made right in front of you!) We drove past one in Quebec and it sucked that the teacher didn’t let us eat there!

TGI Fridays : Much like Bernie the Gorilla from “Zookeeper” I have never been but have always wanted to go to TGI Fridays! I saw one in New York but I didn’t get the chance to go in! Hopefully one day they’ll open a TGIF’s in Newfoundland!

Dunkin Donuts : I know we have Tim Hortons but I’d like to try Dunkin someday! Why can’t Canada run on Dunkin too?

Arby’s :  Their roast beef sandwitches and curly fries look so delicious! I’d really like to try them someday!

Red Lobster : Lobster is one of my favorite seafoods! My mouth waters whenever a Red Lobster commercial comes on! I really hope someday they open a Red Lobster in Newfoundland!

What restaurants don’t you have where you live that you’d like to try? Tell me in the comments!


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