My Spirit Halloween Experience

Hey blog world! For Halloween this year I’ve decided to be Elle Woods . From “Legally Blonde” for Halloween. Yesterday after I went to a walk a thon in the freezing cold and rain Mom took me shopping to find the remaining items for my costume (all I had left was a purse, wig, gloves (in case it was cold on Halloween night), and shoes). My Neice tagged along Our first stop was to buy my blonde wig at Spirit Halloween . It’s a Halloween store that’s temporary. What I mean by that is that it opens up around the beginning of October and it closes soon after that month is over. It was my first time there and I don’t know if I’m ever going back! When I walked in there were 3 big toy spiders just sitting there on the ground and as soon as I approached one of them it jumped out at me! I SCREAMED! Some random little kid and his Dad laughed at me! As did Mom and my Neice! After getting past the jumping spiders I began looking at the displays they had. They had lots of stuff you could buy to put on your lawn or porch or whatever to scare people. I found them quite disturbing! There was one where when you pressed a button a bunch of werewolves would begin eating body parts they ripped off a human! EW! Also there was one where when you pressed a button a ghost girl in a white dress would come out and scream at you! That was really freaky! They had some really cool costumes there!  My favorite ones I saw were the “Adventure Time” ones (there were Finn and Princess Bubblegum)! When I got to the wigs I saw some really neat ones! They had a Guy Fieri wig which I thought was pretty awesome! They also had a disco diva wig too! I loved that one! I finally found the perfect one for my outfit and took it home! I was super glad to get out of there! I enjoyed looking at the costumes but the displays (and jumping spiders) were freaky! If you want more info on Spirit Halloween (or their The Spirit Of Children project) go to their website! Have you ever been in there? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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