Job Ideas For Celebs

Hey blog world! I often wonder what celebrities would do if one day they loose their fame and have to find another job. I have a few ideas for some celebrities incase this does happen. 

Piers Morgan : If he looses his fame I think he should go to medical school and become a pediatric nurse. I have dreams where he is one and he’s good! I wonder if he’d be a good pediatric nurse in the real world too?

Gerry Dee : If Gerry ever looses his fame (which would suck because he’s one of my favorite stand up comics) I think he should go back to teaching! If he did I would definately beg to move to wherever it is Gerry is and transfer into his class! That way each day would be like “Mr D Live”!

Bobby Goldsborro : If he ever someday looses his fame I think he should become a Kindergarten teacher. He seems like such a kind, caring person. I think he’d be perfect for the job! If I had a little girl/boy I’d definately enroll him/her in Bobby’s class!

Ty Pennington : He should become a bingo caller! He’s definately got the voice for it!

Terri Clark : If she ever looses her fame I think she should become a boxer! She seems like a pretty tough girl and I think she’d be pretty good at that job!

John Pinette : I think he should be a food critic! I would totally read his reviews in the paper!

What jobs would you like to see your favorite celebrities doing? Tell me in the comments!


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