Social Thinking Party

Hey blog world! I’m in the social thinking group at the Elaine Dobbin Center in St John’s. Last night we had a halloween party at the Brother Rice Jr High gym. It was so much fun! On the invitation it said costumes were required so I dressed up as Elle Woods. When I got there I was thrilled because I saw 2 of my best friends from Kidclub (for more info on Kidclub read the post of the same name) that I hadn’t seen in ages! I was so happy to be reunited with them! They were really happy to see me again as well! One of them named K was a vampire and the other girl named E was a hippy! They looked amazing! At the party they had one of those mall photo booths where you go in and get your picture taken. There was even a prop table outside of it so you could put on a hat, mask boa or whatever else they had there. The one really great thing about the photo booth was that you didn’t have to pay! Me and E and K got our pictures taken together and we looked great! Also at the party there was lots of yummy food! Brownies, cupcakes, candy and all kinds of other delicious stuff! The drinks all had spooky Halloweeny names. For example the root beer was warm blood, the pepsi was poison! It was a little freaky but kinda cool! There was music being played and me and E and K danced together all night! The DJ played lots of awesome songs like “Gangnam Style”, “Ghostbusters” and “Sexy And I Know It” I asked him to play “Spanish Train” by Chris De Burgh because it’s one of my favorite Halloween songs (it’s about the Lord and Devil playing Poker to win the souls of the dead) and it took the DJ 2 tries but he found it! I also asked for “Lady In Red” and E slow danced to it with me! I could tell she was really enjoying herself because she was laughing and smiling the whole time! I really enjoyed it as well! She was a great slow dancer! At 7:45 the dance was over and as kids left more kids came! I wondered what was going on. The party was over yet more people were coming. I thought they were extremely late but according to one of the Social Thinking group leaders who organized the party it was now time for the older kids to have their party. I asked her if I could stay and she said yes! I was so happy I’d get to keep dancing! At this party I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in a long time! I saw 3 people I went to camp with 2 summers ago at the Elaine Dobbin center (one was a pirate, one was a penguin and one was a clown), a guy I know from Special Olympics bowling (he was Mario), one of the employees of the Autism center that I hadn’t seen since last summer (he was a construction worker) and a girl I played Headbanz with at my first social thinking meeting (she was an arabian princess.) It was great seeing all these people again! N (the Arabian Princess) and CJ (the clown) and I danced together the whole time! In fact N was very flattering because she copied my dance moves! I felt awesome knowing someone liked the way I danced and wanted to dance like me! She said it was hard copying them but at least she tried! During this dance they played the Mario theme song (because someone had asked him to play it for the guy dressed as Mario), the Monster Mash (I did the Mashed Potato instead of the Monster Mash LOL), and he didn’t have the whole thing but he played a bit of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” I asked him to play that song. I got the idea from my friend who was dressed as a banana! I also asked the DJ to play “Patricia The Stripper” and he did and that made me so happy! N thought the song was really funny! She and I both had a great time dancing to it! I was kinda sad to go home when the party was over but I had a great time, got to see some old friends and make a lot of awesome memories! What was your favorite costume you’ve worn to a Halloween party? Tell me in the comments!


Fictional Characters I’d Love To Hang Out With

Hey blog world! There are lots of fictional characters that I wish were real because I think they’d be super cool to hang out with! Here are a few!

George Lundgren (from “Arthur”) : If George were real and we could hang out together I’d definately bring Megan  with me so she could meet Wally . I’d ask George to teach me ventrilloquism because he seems to be better than me at it! Also seeing as he likes bike riding I’d go for a ride with him! If only the Sugar Bowl were real! I’d love to bike down there with George and have a sundae!

Lisa Simpson (from “The Simpsons”) : Lisa is such a nice person! If she were real I would absolutely love to do girly things with her! We could have a spa day and go shopping! That’d be awesome!

Duck (from “Almost Naked Animals”) : The first thing I’d do if we could hang out together is dance with him because he’s a great dancer and can really get “Fun-kay” as he calls it

Davis Quinton (from “Corner Gas”): What a career day that would be! I’d love to go for a ride in the police car with him (as long as he doesn’t lock the keys in the trunk again LOL!)

Andy Taylor (from “The Andy Griffith Show”) : Sherrif Taylor holds a special place in my heart! He’d always make me laugh and smile whenever I was down! I loved spending half hours in Mayberry with Andy! Whenever I’d watch TAGS I’d feel as though Andy was my best friend! If Andy Taylor and Mayberry were real I know just what I’d like to do! I’d like to have a jam session with Andy (him on the guitar, me on piano), hold a contest to see who could peel an apple in one shot first and go fishing!

Ranger Squeeky (from “Danger Rangers”) : He may be one of the tiniest rangers but he’s my favorite! He’s cute, funny and I love his accent! If we could hang out since we both love cheese I’d make a plate of crackers and cheese for us to eat while we chat. Also I’d like to play ping pong with him. I think that’d be fun! Also I don’t know how good of a dancer he is but since my Neice and I have choreographed dances to all the “Danger Rangers” songs I’d like to teach him a few!

Which fictional characters would you like to hang out with? Tell me in the comments!

Ghostly Get Together

Hey blog world! Last night was super awesome! I got to go to Lil’ Playmates Daycare! My friend H (as always I will only use people’s first letters of their name) was throwing a halloween party (or Ghostly Get Together as she called it) there! I decided to wear my Elle Woods  costume since it was a Halloween party. I figured other people would be wearing costumes as well! Mom and I drove for about a half hour ish to try and find the daycare center! We were totally lost! I called H’s house and had to ask her father for directions! Thankfully they were a big help and we finally arrived at our destination! When I got inside to my surprise there was no one else in a costume! I felt a little awkward for being the only costumed person at the party! After saying hello to everyone and talking for a few minutes H (who was also the DJ) began playing the music! The very first thing I heard coming out of the speaker was “Dennis is a menace”. I instantly knew what song was being played and I squealed, ran over to H and gave her a massive hug! Everyone thought I was crazy! I was so thrilled that my friend had started off the dance by playing “Patricia The Stripper”! I went totally wild dancing to it! I swung my hips, licked my lips and according to H  my wig and hat flew right off my head and almost hit my friend M who was also there! Patricia wasn’t the only Chris de Burgh song played that night. H is also DJing my party and since she had my playlist on her computer and I knew “Lady In Red” was on it I asked her to play it for me and she did! I got to dance with my friend G to it and he was a great dancer! I really enjoyed slow dancing with him! H also played the “Baby” parody by TheComputerNerd01 Everyone was laughing, dancing and singing along! It was awesome! Later on that night H and another one of the partygoers named K put on their costumes and I was no longer the only costumed person there! K was a doctor and H was a hippy! They looked so cool in their outfits! We got to play Wii at the party as well! H had Wii sports set up and we all took turns bowling! I played against the 2 boys that were at the party and I won! I was so happy! There was plenty to eat at the party as well. H’s mother made us delicious strawberry banana snakes (strawberry and bananaslices on a kabob), H made a bunch of cupcakes and we even got pizza! It was delicious! There was a lot of burping because of that (and the soft drinks as well) which I found kinda gross but I laughed anyway! I had a super duper awesome time at the Ghostly Get Together and I sure hope that H throws another one next year! Have you ever thrown or been to a Halloween party? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!

My Favorite “Blue Collar TV” Sketches

Hey blog world! Now that I have FibreOp I get Bite! That’s a comedy TV station! Recently they started airing “Blue Collar TV” every weeknight at 9:00! I used to watch it on the Comedy network when I was younger and was so dissappointed when it was cancelled! I was so glad Bite has brought it back in reruns! Here are my favorite sketches from the show!

“Big Deck” I felt a little awkward watching this skit with Mom in the room. Thankfully she didn’t understand it!

“Queasy Doctor” Bill Engvall is my favorite person on this show! This is my favorite sketch that he’s in! Quick warning if you throw up when you see others throw up or have a weak stomach don’t watch this skit.

“AFV” This as you can tell is a parody of “AFV”! It features the Martin Brothers video submission. Usually on “AFV” the video’s submitted are spontaneous, hillarious happenings but the Martin Brothers actually rehearsed and staged theirs!

“Fix It Or Feel Better” This sketch makes me want to go out and buy my own “Feel better stick”!

“Bus Driver” The question that they are answering has been one that I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for a very long time! I’m so glad the Blue Collar boys finally revealed the answer!

“Dual Exercisermaster 3000” The girl playing Christie Brinkley is LeAnn Rimes. I like Chuck Norris and I thought it was cool that Jeff got to be him in this sketch! I thought it was funny when she got upset that Chuck was getting paid a million bucks!

“Salsa Dancing” Not only do the boys look great in their outfits (Jeff especially) but they’re pretty good dancers too!

“The Apprentice” I would love to see Larry take over for Donald and become the new host of “The Apprentice”!

“Where’s The Clicker” Jeff’s freakout over the missing remote is hillarious! My favorite part of this sketch is when he dumps out his Grandpa’s ashes and breaks the glass thingy their in to see if Grandpa has the remote!

“Shut Up Horn” I came across the skit a minute ago on YouTube while looking for a different skit. I loved it! I definately need to get a shut up horn (and industrial headphones) and use it on my Neice! As Ron White would say “That’ll shut her up!” (Sure he was talking about diamonds when he said that but it still works here!)

“Jeff Dunham” In this sketch the Martin Brothers go to a comedy club! I loved seeing Jeff in this sketch! He was awesome!

What’s your favorite “Blue Collar TV Sketch”? Tell me in the comments!

Git R done and here’s your sign blog world!


Songs That Cheer Me Up

Hey blog world! Right now I’m in bed. I’m sick! I hate when that happens! At least I have my iPod with me. There are lots of songs on it (and some that aren’t) that cheer me up when I’m down. Here are a few of them!

“I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders: When I’m sad it helps to know that Chrissy Hynes is on my side and will stand by me!

“Mr Mom” by Lonestar: This is a hillarious song and it always makes me smile and sing along!

“The Rainbow Connection” by the Muppets: I will forever love this song! It’s so beautiful and always makes me smile!

“Days Of Elijah” by Hillsong: Gospel music always makes me smile! This is one of my favorite gospel songs.

“Do Wacka Do” by Roger Miller: this is also a very funny song and it makes me laugh. Laughter always helps me feel better!

“Firework” by Katy Perry: hearing that I’m original, can’t be replaced and that I’m a firework makes me feel awesome!

“Smile” by Uncle Cracker: I like to pretend that he’s singing the song to me! Hearing that I make him do all that stuff (dance like a fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like a bee etc) makes me feel happy and also really special!

“Somebody Special” by Donna Fargo: I like to pretend that she is singing me this song! When she says I’m her somebody special I feel like I am!

“Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh: When I listen to this song it brings back memories of the magical night I went to see Chris De Burgh in concert and the hug I received! That memory always makes me happy!

“Me Muero Por Ti” by Mauricio Herrera: Even though I Don’t understand the words Mauricio’s beautiful voice always cheers me up!

What songs cheer you up when your sad? Tell me in the comments!

Restaurants I’d Love To Try

Hey blog world! I love going out to eat! There are lots of commercials on TV for restaurants that don’t have locations in Newfoundland and they look so delicious! Here are a few restaurants I wish we had in Newfoundland!

Golden Corral : This is a buffet restaurant with cotton candy and a chocolate fountain YUM! I have never ever seen a chocolate fountain in real life nor have I ever gotten to dunk anything in one! I would love to do that someday!

Ruby Tuesday . In case your wondering YES the restaurant was named after the Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday” (which is my favorite Rolling Stones song EVER!)! The food in the commercials look so good!

Harvey’s : This is a Canaidan burger restaurant chain that aparently we used to have one of in Newfoundland! It sucks I wasn’t born then! I wish they’d bring it back! It’s basically Subway but for burgers (in other words you pick whatever you want put on your burger and it gets made right in front of you!) We drove past one in Quebec and it sucked that the teacher didn’t let us eat there!

TGI Fridays : Much like Bernie the Gorilla from “Zookeeper” I have never been but have always wanted to go to TGI Fridays! I saw one in New York but I didn’t get the chance to go in! Hopefully one day they’ll open a TGIF’s in Newfoundland!

Dunkin Donuts : I know we have Tim Hortons but I’d like to try Dunkin someday! Why can’t Canada run on Dunkin too?

Arby’s :  Their roast beef sandwitches and curly fries look so delicious! I’d really like to try them someday!

Red Lobster : Lobster is one of my favorite seafoods! My mouth waters whenever a Red Lobster commercial comes on! I really hope someday they open a Red Lobster in Newfoundland!

What restaurants don’t you have where you live that you’d like to try? Tell me in the comments!

My Spirit Halloween Experience

Hey blog world! For Halloween this year I’ve decided to be Elle Woods . From “Legally Blonde” for Halloween. Yesterday after I went to a walk a thon in the freezing cold and rain Mom took me shopping to find the remaining items for my costume (all I had left was a purse, wig, gloves (in case it was cold on Halloween night), and shoes). My Neice tagged along Our first stop was to buy my blonde wig at Spirit Halloween . It’s a Halloween store that’s temporary. What I mean by that is that it opens up around the beginning of October and it closes soon after that month is over. It was my first time there and I don’t know if I’m ever going back! When I walked in there were 3 big toy spiders just sitting there on the ground and as soon as I approached one of them it jumped out at me! I SCREAMED! Some random little kid and his Dad laughed at me! As did Mom and my Neice! After getting past the jumping spiders I began looking at the displays they had. They had lots of stuff you could buy to put on your lawn or porch or whatever to scare people. I found them quite disturbing! There was one where when you pressed a button a bunch of werewolves would begin eating body parts they ripped off a human! EW! Also there was one where when you pressed a button a ghost girl in a white dress would come out and scream at you! That was really freaky! They had some really cool costumes there!  My favorite ones I saw were the “Adventure Time” ones (there were Finn and Princess Bubblegum)! When I got to the wigs I saw some really neat ones! They had a Guy Fieri wig which I thought was pretty awesome! They also had a disco diva wig too! I loved that one! I finally found the perfect one for my outfit and took it home! I was super glad to get out of there! I enjoyed looking at the costumes but the displays (and jumping spiders) were freaky! If you want more info on Spirit Halloween (or their The Spirit Of Children project) go to their website! Have you ever been in there? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!