Dodgeball Prayer

Hey blog world! In gym class one of the things I hate to do is play dodgeball! I’m afraid I may get hit in the face! I have found a way to help ease that fear a little. After the teacher has picked teams and we each go on our sides I take a few minutes before the teacher yells go and all hell breaks loose to say a prayer for me and my team. I ask him to watch over us and keep us safe. I get laughed at sometimes for doing this and once my friend even asked me to stop but I tell these people it makes me feel a little less scared. If you ever feel scared or sad talk to God. He’ll listen to you even when you feel like others won’t! Also you can talk to God when your happy too! No matter what your emotions are I can guarantee that having a word with the Lord will really ease your mind! Have a great rest of your Sunday and God bless you blog world!



One thought on “Dodgeball Prayer

  1. Dodgeball is my favorite sport. How can you be afraid of it? The whole point of it is to NOT get hit! The balls they use are made of SPONGE. If it were a basketball, it would be justified, though. You want to talk fear? I pulled the cruelest prank EVER on my best friend less than 30 minutes ago. Scared the bejeebers out of him

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