Bridal Shower

Hey blog world! Last night was epic! I got to go to my cousins bridal shower! She and her husband decided that instead of having the usual bridal shower for her and stag for him they’d do a big family gathering! To begin we got to eat! They had sandwitches put out but since I had a t bone before I got there (and I didn’t like any of the sandwitches they had set out) I just had some of the other stuff. A few pieces of cantaloupe, some veggies, cheese its, a brownie and a few other things too. It all tasted so yummy! After we had our meals my cousins (well cousin and half cousin actually because I’m related to my cousins husband by marriage so therefore he’s only my half cousin) opened up the gift that my grandpa and aunt gave them! They gave them beautiful christmas ornaments. I was so happy watching them open it because I helped my Aunt pick out the ornaments to give them and I also helped wrap them up! Once they had opened their presents the most fun part of the night came! The dance! The first song was a nice slow one. “Could I Have This Dance” by Anne Murray! I slow danced to it with my Uncle! We really enjoyed ourselves! The DJ (or in other words one of my other cousins) played lots of other nice slow songs as well. She played “You and Me” by Lifehouse and “Lips Of An Angel” by Hinder She also played “Amazed” by Lonestar That was the most awkward slow dance of my life! The reason why is because I couldn’t find a dance partner so I walked up to my Aunt (not the one I helped with the gift) just as she was about to pull her husband onto the dance floor hoping that he wouldn’t mind her dancing with me for this one (I didn’t know him as well as my Aunt so I decided to dance with the one I knew a bit better) and instead my Aunt had the idea for all 3 of us to slow dance together. It was not very pleasant! It was very difficult to slow dance with 2 other people at once! We kept swaying back and forth and I nearly fell over a few times! Also my Aunt stepped on my toes! I forget what song it was but I got to dance to a slow song with my half cousin as well! That was so much fun! My favorite slow dance of the night was actually one that I asked the DJ to play. As you all know I’m a  MASSIVE C de B (Chris De Burgh) fan so I went up to my cousin the DJ and asked her to play “Lady In Red” for me. She did and I squealed with excitement (much like at the Grade 9 farewell!) I ran to find my Dad and got him to dance with me to it! I loved every minute of that dance! I also asked the DJ to play “Patricia The Stripper” because that’s my favorite C de B song ever but unfortunately she didn’t have it! Oh well! The DJ also played lots of great fast songs too! She played “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO and during this song my Aunt (the one I danced to “Amazed” with) and some total stranger came up and danced with me! We were laughing and having the time of our lives! When it got to the “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah” part I wiggled just like the song told me to do and everyone loved my wiggle! My Aunt and the random stranger even joined in! It was cool! The DJ also played “The Shake” by Neal McCoy which I also asked for and Dad joined me for that dance as well. We really got our shake on! I even got to do a little line dancing that night because the DJ played “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus The random lady who joined me during “Sexy and I Know It” said she was really impressed with how good I was! I felt great hearing that! I unfortunately wasn’t there to see it but my half cousin told me that the DJ played some ACDC remix thing that was 6 minutes long and my Dad was out on the floor dancing the whole time! If I had a video camera I would have totally uploaded that to youtube! I went home at around 11:00 ish and didn’t go to be til 12:00 I think. It was a late night but it sure was worth it! I had such a great time! What songs do you ask for when you go to dances? Tell me in the comments!


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