Youth Group

Hey blog world! I’m a part of a super awesome youth group at the Faith Pentecostal Church! I love it! We do all kinds of super awesome stuff! For example we learn all about God and what he does for us. An example of something we learned was that Jesus farted! We learned that when one of the leaders was talking about how Jesus was just like all of us! Also sometimes we play games. Sometimes we play minute to win it games (which I’m never really that great at), sometimes we play charades and sometimes we play horses, chicken, conquorer (by the way when playing this game be careful not to step on your partner too hard when you are doing conquorer (I learned that the hard way!)) We also sometimes get food! Last week we had a sundae bar which tasted delicious! There were all kinds of yummy toppings like gummi bears, sour keys and sprinkles! We also get to go on field trips sometimes too! Like for example we go bowling, we go to the movies and we also go swimming sometimes! My favorite thing we did at Youth Group was definately the talent show (for more info on that please read the blog post entitled “Connects Got Talent”!) If your Church has a youth group I strongly reccommend joining! You’ll have an awesome time, make new friends and most importantly learn about Christ. If your Church hasn’t got a Youth Group talk to your pastor/reverand and see if he/she can get one started! What’s the most fun thing you’ve done with your church youth group? Tell me in the comments!


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