Singers Who’s Looks Surprised Me

Hey blog world! When I hear an artist for the first time it’s just like “The Voice” . I hear their voice but I don’t see their face! I’m left thinking of what they may look like in my head! I google image some of these artists and boy am I ever surprised! Here are a few celebrities who’s looks were the most surprising to me!

Chris De Burgh . When I was little Dad used to play me his Chris De Burgh cassette tape while we drove places in the car. When I listened to it I pictured Chris as a tall guy with short orange hair and glasses! I didn’t expect this! Even though he’s not as I pictured him in my mind I still think he looks good!

Bobby Goldsboro . As you all know thanks to my constant blogging about it the Cabin Party airs on Saturday nights on VOCM. They play Bobby’s music on it a lot! I love listening to him! His voice is incredible! I wanted to know what he looked like for such a long time. Two days ago I decided it was finally time to find out. I google imaged him and I was in total shock! I couldn’t believe this beautiful voice belonged to a very very handsome man!

Charlie Pride . I can remember when I was younger picturing Charlie in my mind. I pictured him as white. I didn’t know he was an African American. I found out one day when I saw him on a Time Life infomercial and I had no clue who he was. When Dad said it was Charlie Pride I was amazed at how good he looked!

Barry Manilow . I was watching “Your Big Break” one day when I was super little (I’d say maybe 7 or 8) and some dude came on dressed up as Barry Manilow and singing “Copa Cabana” I thought that the guy acting as him looked cool but I wanted to know what the real Barry Manilow looked like. I saw him sometime last year on “The Doctors” and was surprised to find out this is what he looked like! I thought he looked great (much better than the impersonator!)

Alan Jackson . I heard his music a lot on the radio and every time I’d hear his music I’d wonder what he looked like. I can’t remember weather I found out from a music video or the Mile 1 homepage center homepage but when I found out I had no idea he was so cute! His moustache and curly hair are awesome!

What are some celebrities you didn’t expect to look like they do? Tell me in the comments!


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