Singers I’d Like To Duet With

Hey blog world! I write my own songs and one day hope to become a famous singer! If that ever happens there are several artists I’d like to do a duet with!

Chris De Burgh : He’s been one of my favorite singers since I was little! It’d be so cool to duet with him!

Brad Paisley : If I were to duet with Brad I think I’d like to try “Remind Me” Even though he’s already recorded it with Carrie Underwood I’d still like to sing this with him! It’s such a pretty song!

Reba McCentire : She’s one of my favorite female country singers! It’s been a dream of mine to duet with her!

Elton John : Since we are both pianists I think it’d be cool to play a duet with Elton! Although since I’m not that great with the left hand on the piano yet he’d have to do that part.

RuPaul : I learned on “RuPauls Drag Race” that she was a singer! It’d be epic to duet with her! We would definately both be overflowing with charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent!

Rod Stewart: Rod is another singer who I’ve loved since I was little! If I could duet with him I think I’d like to do his song “Your In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)”

Mauricio Herrera : Dueting with him is actually the #2 thing on my bucket list (the #1 thing is to meet him!) I have been preparing for the day this will happen because I’ve been writing a duet for us to perform! I knew I wanted to write one but I wasn’t sure what to write it about. The idea just came to me randomly one day and I liked it and started writing it down. I won’t give away the title but I will tell you that it’s about the friendship of an autistic girl and a normal boy. At first that’s not what this song was going to be about. Mom rented the movie “Adam” for me and her to watch together and that gave me the idea to write a song about a girl with autism and a normal boy who were in a relationship. That was going well but when I got a boyfriend I changed the song a bit and made the girl and boy in the song friends instead of a couple.

Which artists would you like to duet with? Tell me in the comments!


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