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Hey blog world! I received an iPod touch from my sister and I feel like a kid in a candy store once I log on to the app store in iTunes! I literally download 5 or more (free) apps each time! I thought I’d use today’s post to reccommend some of my favorite apps to those of you with iPod touches or iPones!

“The Simpsons Tapped Out” . This is a super fun game! Basically Homer has blown up the nuclear plant and it’s now your job to rebuild Springfield! It’s so much fun! You can unlock characters from the show like Apu, Krusty, Milhouse, Grandpa Simpson and many more, add lots of buildings like the Kwik E Mart, Krusty Burger and Moe’s and make your characters do all kinds of stuff like Ned can condemn science, Lisa can play her sax and Homer can play with his Mypad! The one flaw to this game is that stuff takes a long while to do! For example you can grow crops in Cletus’s yard and while some take mere seconds others take hours and some even take days to grow! Also some of the activities you can make your characters do take a long time like making Homer watch a “Monkey Trauma Center” marathon takes 24 whole hours!

“Where’s My Perry” . This is a game where in order to make Agent P go down pipes you have to fill them with water. It’s difficult but it’s fun!

Cake Pop Maker . I have eaten cake pops before but never made them. I was so glad I found this app because I get to make and decorate my own cake pops! It’s so much fun! There aren’t many options unless you buy the whole game but the free version is still fun!

Logos Quiz Game . This is a quiz app that tests your knowledge of logos! This game has thousands! Some examples are Campbells, Sesame Street, Minute Maid, Skype, Twitter and Dunkin Donuts!

“Temple Run Brave” . This is the “Brave” version of the “Temple Run” app. Your playing as Merida and Mordu is chasing you. You have to turn corners, jump things, slide under objects, shoot targets and collect coins to get away from him. The thing is that you actually never will. This is an endless running game! It’s so much fun though!

“Oven Break Infinity” . This is a version of “Oven Break” where you can take a practice run in training mode or you can go all out and play challenge mode where you have to try and make it to the end of the course and it gets really hard! Even I haven’t beaten it yet! Hopefully I will someday though!

“Tap Tap Muppets” . This is basically “Dance Dance Revolution” but instead of using your feet you use your fingers. This game as you can tell by the title is all muppets music! You can tap to songs from the new movie like “Me Party” and “Life’s A Happy Song” or you can tap to some of the older more iconic Muppet tunes like “Movin Right Along”, “Manah Manah” and my favorite Muppet song of all time “Rainbow Connection”!

“Spongebob Diner Dash” . (Note: This game is not compatible with 3rd generation iPod touches.) This is a version of the popular downloadable online game for iPod touches and iPhones! It’s challenging but lots of fun! You don’t get all the restaurants unless you buy the entire game though.

“Blue Block” . In this game you have to move all the brown blocks out of the way so you can get the blue block to the arrow! It can be really easy and it can also be really challenging. It depends on what mode you select.

“Puffle Launch Lite” . This is the app version of the Club Penguin game. It’s not much different because you play the exact same levels as the online game but it’s still lots of fun! One thing I really like about this game is that you can put all the coins you earn into your Club Penguin account!

What are some of your favorite apps? Tell me in the comments!


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