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Hey blog world! I love the “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” series! I own all the books! One of them is the “Do It Yourself Book”. It’s an activity book filled with all kinds of cool stuff! There is a page in this book where you can post your favorite things and on the page right next to it you can post your least favorite things. I thought I’d share my answers with you!

My favorite TV show: “The Doctors” . This show is super informative, funny and awesome! I look forward to watching this every weekday afterschool!

My least favorite show: “Toddlers & Tiaras” . This is such a horrible show and I think it should totally be taken off the air!

My favorite band: Lonestar . These guys are awesome! I saw them in concert and though I left angry (it’s a long story. Go to the post “Celebrity Autographs” for more info on that) I had a great time and loved the show! My favorite song by them is “Mr Mom”

My least favorite band The Zac Brown Band . I hate them and their music. Especially “Free” That’s my most hated song by them. The only good song that these guys sing is “As She’s Walking Away” (which is a duet with Alan Jackson)

My favorite sports team: The St John’s IceCaps . They’re my home team and I love them! I’ve seen them play and they’re really good! I even got to have lunch with them once! What an awesome day that was!

My least favorite sports team: ALL football teams . This is my most hated sport and so I hate all the teams. I’ve never liked football. I found it too violent and also very hard to understand!

My favorite food: Tacos . Tacos are delicious! They’re easy to make and super fun to eat! My favorite stuff to put on tacos is meat, cheese tomato and mild Tostitos salsa! Yum yum!

My least favorite food: Turkey . I’ve tried it before and I really don’t like it. I find it disgusting!

My favorite celebrity: Ty Pennington . Ty is such an awesome dude! He is the leader of the “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” team! He and the design team build houses for people in need! That’s so inspirational!

My least favorite celebrity: Lindsay Lohan . I used to like her. “Freaky Friday” and “The Parent Trap” were my 2 favorite movies she was in. Recently she started doing lots of bad stuff and I think she’s been arrested multiple times. Now that all that’s happened I don’t like her anymore!

My favorite smell: New tennis balls . At the beginning of the summer as a passing gift my Mom and Dad bought me a HUGE net that I can use to play badminton, volleyball and tennis. They also got me a brand new canister of tennis balls and some new birdies as well. When I opened up the canister of tennis balls the smell coming from inside was amazing! I had never smelled it before but I loved it! It instantly became my new favorite smell!

My least favorite smell: Boiled eggs . In the mornings Mom will sometimes have these for breakfast. I can’t stand when she does! The kitchen always stinks! I hate having to eat at the same table with her when she’s having those!

My favorite villain: Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz . This is the villain from “Phineas and Ferb”. He’s my favorite because he’s so funny! I also love all the inators he makes! Even though their built for evil I think they’re really cool! Especially this one! As you can see in the video the hat he’s got on is a mind control device that also makes him sing amazingly! I thought it was his best inator ever!

My least favorite villain: Freddy Krueger . Way too scary for me!

My favorite shoe brand: Crocs . I love these! They’re comfy, come in awesome colors (mine are purple) and you can customize them with all kinds of awesome jibbitz (jibbitz are charms that you can put in the holes of your crocs. When you decide to change them you can just remove the ones you have in and put in your new ones!)

My least favorite shoe brand High Heels (it’s not technically a shoe brand but it is a type of shoe so I guess it counts) . I wore a pair of Mom’s high heels during my performance in Camp Hollywood this summer. It wasn’t very easy to walk around or dance! That day was definately my first and last time in a pair of high heels. I’m too afraid I may fall down while wearing them and break my neck!

My favorite store: The X Store . This is a store located inside the Avalon Mall. I love going in there because there’s always loads of really cool stuff! You can’t see it in the picture but on the far right side of the store they have a MAJOR display case in the window full of stuffed animals! Last time I was there they had a few stuffed “Fraggle Rock” characters in the window and I can’t quite remember what else. They sell a few adult things in there that I don’t wanna describe but a lot of it is family friendly stuff. For example the X store is where I got E’s Midget Apple keychain (see “Hangout Day” for more info on that!)

My least favorite store: Any shoe store . I hate shoe shopping! It always takes too long (because Mom never stops bringing me pairs of shoes to try on) and I can rarely find a pair that I like that fits me!

My favorite soda: Jones orange and cream soda . I had my first one of these at Circle Square Ranch last summer and I instantly fell in love! This is an amazing tasting soda! It tastes like an orange creamsicle !

My least favorite soda: Soda water . It’s been years since I had it so I can’t remember the taste but I know it was disgusting!

My favorite cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch . I love the taste of cinnamon. That’s precicely why I love this cereal!

My least favorite cereal: Oatmeal . Not only does it look kinda disgusting but it tastes disgusting as well! I’ve tried it before and I hated it! People put berries in it sometimes but I don’t think that even those would make this taste better!

My favorite superhero: Spiderman . Dad and I both love him! He’s so cool! I love it when he ties his enemies up in webs!

My least favorite superhero: Iron Man . Dad likes him (then again he likes most superheroes) but I don’t. I never was a big fan.

My favorite candy: Sweedish Berries . They’re so yummy! I hate it when they get stuck to my teeth though.

My least favorite candy: Spearmint leaves . They may look like spearmint leaves but they taste nothing like mint at all! I can’t quite describe the taste but I know that it’s disgusting!

My favorite restaurant: East Side Mario’s . This is an amazing Italian restaurant! The inside looks amazing and the food tastes amazing as well!

My least favorite restaurant: Mary Browns . I know the slogan is famous chicken and taters but I don’t think so. I find their chicken disgusting! 

My favorite athlete: Wayne Gretzky . They don’t call this guy the great one for nothing! He has been me and Dad’s favorite player for years! I even got to take a picture with his wax figure.

My least favorite athlete: Sidney Crosbie . I don’t really think he’s that great of a hockey player.

My favorite game system: Wii . I got one for Christmas 2 years ago. I loved it! It’s so cool how you get to ues your body to control things! My favorite game to play on this system is “Wipeout” .

My least favorite game system: Gameboy Advance . I had one of these when I was 6 and even though it was fun it wasn’t really a very good system. I couldn’t play it during the night because there wasn’t a light. Also it was annoying having to blow on the game cartridge when it wouldn’t work.

My favorite comic strip: Archie . Archie is really old but I love reading his comics! I have several of his digests at home and I read his comics in the newspaper from time to time. My favorite character in this comic series is Betty!

My least favorite comic strip: Dilbert . Dilbert is also one of the comics in the paper. I’ve tried reading some of the comics but I don’t understand the humor!

My favorite magazine: Readers Digest . I find these magazines in a lot of waiting rooms. I love sitting down and reading them to pass the time! There’s always lots of interesting articles to read. My favorite part of Readers Digest is “As Kids See It”. It’s a column that’s usually 2 pages long. Readers submit their funny stories about their child (or grandchild or any other child in their life) and if the people at Readers Digest like it they’ll publish the story in “As Kids See It”. There are always loads of funny submissions!

My least favorite magazine: Pop Star . I own one of these and I read it and didn’t really like it. I didn’t find it very interesting.

My favorite car: Convertible . These cars are epic! When I get older this is definately the kind of car that I want to get!

My least favorite car: Anything with a stick shift . It’s not that I hate riding in them it’s that they look hard and I’m probably gonna hate driving one! That’s why I’m getting an automatic car when I get older!

What are some things you like and dislike? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My Favorites

  1. Just so you know, there was a backlight on the Gameboy Advance SP, and as for blowing the cartridge, that happens to EVER game system that uses a cartridge.

    • I know there was a backlight on the SP. There wasn’t one of the Game Boy Advance and I was fed up with not being able to play it in the dark so that’s why I exchanged it for an SP.

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