AGT Semi Finals Night 1

Hey blog world! I know I’ve been forgetting to do AGT posts for a while but here’s an update on what happened last week! Last week was the first night of the semi finals! The performers were Joe Castillo, Turf, Todd Oliver and Irving, Eric Dittleman (actually now it’s just Dittleman), Academy Of Villains, Tom Cotter, William Close, Bria Kelly, Andrew De Leon, Edon, Donnovan and Rebecca and The Scott Brothers. Up first was Andrew De Leon. He’s one of my favorites! I love his makeup, hair and voice! He did “Ave Maria”. It was beautiful as always! After Andrew was Todd Oliver and Irving. They’re another one of my favorite acts. They had a “Tonight Show” look alike set and Todd interviewed Irving. It was hillarious! I felt with a performance like that they definately had a great chance at moving to the finals! After them was Donnovan and Rebecca. I can’t remember much of what they did. All that I know was that Rebecca lifted Donnovan. I thought it was good but not quite good enough. Edon was after them. He sang “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction! I love that song! I thought he did a pretty good job! Then it was the Scott Brothers. Their act is so in sync that it looks like one guy dancing in front of a mirror! I liked the act but I wasn’t too fond of the costumes. I felt that the silvery face paint was a bit much. It made them look like the Tin Man from “The Wizard Of Oz”! Next was one of my familys favorites! Eric Dittleman (although everyone now just calls him Dittleman). He brought back the self portrait that Howard drew during Dittleman’s audition and he asked him to color it in. He even got howard to give himself devil horns and a goatee and moustache. He guessed all the colors right! It was amazing! Another amazing thing was that he read America’s minds tonight! He asked us to think of a geometric shape inside of a geometric shape and he’d try and guess what we were all thinking. I can’t remember weather I thought of a circle inside a triangle or vice versa but I know that whatever it was I thought of he guessed it right! Several other people in the audience were thinking that too so hea read a lot of minds! I was amazed at how he could read not only Howard’s mind but the minds of America! Next up was Turf. He’s a guy who’s act I’ve never seen because I was too afraid to look! Mom said that he did more dancing than contortion that night though. Sharon told him that during the quarter finals. I really hoped that that night would be the end of the road for him! After Turf was Bria Kelly a country singer from the Youtube auditions. She didn’t do a country song this time. Instead she did “Perfect” by Pink. It was an unexpected song choice but I thought she did pretty good! Next was Joe Castillo another one of my favorites! His sand art is beautiful! It was again that night! He went from doves to shaking hands to a child’s portrait in the sun to someone hugging! Like I said it was beautiful! Next was William Close and the earth harp. It’s a humongeous instrument but I love it’s sound. His performance with it was really good! After that was Tom Cotter. Another of my favorites! He’s a comedian. His act was something he called “Comedy on demand”. He asked Howie to pick a topic from a list that he had up above him and Howie chose college. He said “I’ve never been there. Tell me about it!” Tom did a lot of really funny one liners! I loved his act and hoped that he’d go through to the next round. The final performance was Academy Of Villains. They weren’t that great. I find them a little too weird for my tastes! I didn’t like their performance and hoped they’d go home! The next night was the results show so we found out who would move on and who’d stay. Before that though Steve Harvey came out and did some stand up. He gave his opinion on all the acts! He was really funny! Also another act that performed for us later on that night was a group I’d never heard of called Neon Trees. Cool name but I didn’t like their music. Anyways the results show was different than most that night because only 3 acts could go through instead of 4. The first elimination was Turf, Joe Castillo and the Scott Brothers. The person moving forward was Joe Castillo! I was extatic to see Turf gone! So much so that I did a happy dance! Though Turf and the Scott Brothers were eliminated that didn’t mean that Joe wasn’t going to be eliminated as well. You see Joe was put into the top 4. The top 4 acts would come back at the end of the show and we’d find out which of the acts in the top 4 would go to the finale. The next elimination was Andrew De Leon, William Close and Academy of Villains. I had hoped for it to be Andrew but unfortunately he was sent home and William Close was put into the top 4! I love William but I wish it was Andrew that went through instead! Oh well at least Academy of Villains were sent home like I wanted! The next 3 people up were Todd Oliver and Irving, Donnovan and Rebecca and Edon. Just like I wanted Todd Oliver was the one who moved forward into the top 4! I was so pleased! The final group was Eric Dittleman, Tom Cotter and Bria Kelly. I was so dissappointed with this group because 2 of my favorites (Dittleman and Tom Cotter) were in it and I wanted them both to go through but I knew that wasn’t possible! It ended up being Tom Cotter that went through. I was actually kinda surprised that it wasn’t Eric. At least Tom made it! Finally Nick said that the people in the top 4 that America had voted forward were Tom Cotter and William Close. Then it was up to the judges to pick either Joe Castillo or Todd Oliver and Irving to go through. Howard chose Todd and Sharon chose Joe. Along with Howard I was asking Howie to pick Todd Oliver but unfortunately (no offense Joe) Howie picked Joe! I sure am gonna miss Oliver! Who was your favorite act that night? Tell me in the comments!


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