Prized posessions

Hey blog world! There are several items in my room that mean a whole lot to me! I figured I’d tell you a bit about them.

My picture of Andy Griffith: I printed it off to take with me to camp last summer and I still have it with me. I keep it on my desk. When I look at it and see his smiling face I feel happy because I feel like Andy is my friend.

My clay piggybank: I went to a birthday party at the Clay Café and we got to pick an item made of clay to paint and take home. I chose a piggybank. I made it a peace pig because it’s got multicolors and a heart on it’s side! It was my very first clay item that I painted and I still have it!

My SO Gold Medal: I won a gold medal in bowling earlier this summer and it was my very first one ever! I was so proud of myself for earning it! I keep it above my bed with all my other medals!

Molly McIntire: I’ve been a fan of the “American Girls” for quite the long time and my favorite historical one is Molly McIntire. I asked my parents for her last Christmas and I found her under the tree! I was so happy! We read her book together and slept together (but that only lasted a few nights because it didn’t really work out). She is up on my desk and I love to look at her. Also when I’m sad I like to take her out of her box and give her a hug!

My plastic squirrel: On my desk I have a plastic squirrel named Chippy. I got him at a servers retreat I attended last year. I won the chipper award and Chippy was the prize! I thought he was adorable! The only flaw was there was a hole in his tail. One of the leaders at the retreat stuck a skittle inside and turned it into a rattle. I’m not a big fan of rattles so I removed the skittle.

My clarinet bear: I’m a clarinettist. I don’t know where in the world she found it but one of my tutors (I think she was my 2nd) got a job and could no longer tutor me. She gave me a goodbye gift on her last day with me. I took the wrapping paper out of the gift box and I found a light brown bear in a marching band outfit playing the clarinet! I loved him!

My “Legend Of Zelda” card. My boyfriend is the best ever! For Valentimes day last year he did what he always does. Made me a homemade card. He’s a gamer and he loves “Legend Of Zelda”. I played it with him one day and I really enjoyed it as well! He decided to take his love of the game and turn it into a card for me. Inside it is a picture of a dude in a cave. He’s holding a heart in his hands and above him it says “It’s dangerous to go alone take this”. On the bottom it says “I love you Leah”. It was the most beautiful card I’d ever gotten!

Elton John’s lyric sheet: As you all remember from the post “Celebrity Autographs” I received Elton John’s lyric sheet. I was bawling my eyes out because I was so upset that Elton didn’t sign my autograph book and one of the people that worked for Elton came out and passed me Elton’s lyric sheet. The lyric sheet by the way was the list of songs that Elton was supposed to sing that night that Elton kept on his piano. Dad being the weirdo that he is sniffed it after the concert and said it smelled of Elton’s perfume! I now have it (and Elton’s autograph) framed and hanging on my wall!

What are some of your prized possessions? Tell me in the comments!


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