Dodgeball Prayer

Hey blog world! In gym class one of the things I hate to do is play dodgeball! I’m afraid I may get hit in the face! I have found a way to help ease that fear a little. After the teacher has picked teams and we each go on our sides I take a few minutes before the teacher yells go and all hell breaks loose to say a prayer for me and my team. I ask him to watch over us and keep us safe. I get laughed at sometimes for doing this and once my friend even asked me to stop but I tell these people it makes me feel a little less scared. If you ever feel scared or sad talk to God. He’ll listen to you even when you feel like others won’t! Also you can talk to God when your happy too! No matter what your emotions are I can guarantee that having a word with the Lord will really ease your mind! Have a great rest of your Sunday and God bless you blog world!



Bridal Shower

Hey blog world! Last night was epic! I got to go to my cousins bridal shower! She and her husband decided that instead of having the usual bridal shower for her and stag for him they’d do a big family gathering! To begin we got to eat! They had sandwitches put out but since I had a t bone before I got there (and I didn’t like any of the sandwitches they had set out) I just had some of the other stuff. A few pieces of cantaloupe, some veggies, cheese its, a brownie and a few other things too. It all tasted so yummy! After we had our meals my cousins (well cousin and half cousin actually because I’m related to my cousins husband by marriage so therefore he’s only my half cousin) opened up the gift that my grandpa and aunt gave them! They gave them beautiful christmas ornaments. I was so happy watching them open it because I helped my Aunt pick out the ornaments to give them and I also helped wrap them up! Once they had opened their presents the most fun part of the night came! The dance! The first song was a nice slow one. “Could I Have This Dance” by Anne Murray! I slow danced to it with my Uncle! We really enjoyed ourselves! The DJ (or in other words one of my other cousins) played lots of other nice slow songs as well. She played “You and Me” by Lifehouse and “Lips Of An Angel” by Hinder She also played “Amazed” by Lonestar That was the most awkward slow dance of my life! The reason why is because I couldn’t find a dance partner so I walked up to my Aunt (not the one I helped with the gift) just as she was about to pull her husband onto the dance floor hoping that he wouldn’t mind her dancing with me for this one (I didn’t know him as well as my Aunt so I decided to dance with the one I knew a bit better) and instead my Aunt had the idea for all 3 of us to slow dance together. It was not very pleasant! It was very difficult to slow dance with 2 other people at once! We kept swaying back and forth and I nearly fell over a few times! Also my Aunt stepped on my toes! I forget what song it was but I got to dance to a slow song with my half cousin as well! That was so much fun! My favorite slow dance of the night was actually one that I asked the DJ to play. As you all know I’m a  MASSIVE C de B (Chris De Burgh) fan so I went up to my cousin the DJ and asked her to play “Lady In Red” for me. She did and I squealed with excitement (much like at the Grade 9 farewell!) I ran to find my Dad and got him to dance with me to it! I loved every minute of that dance! I also asked the DJ to play “Patricia The Stripper” because that’s my favorite C de B song ever but unfortunately she didn’t have it! Oh well! The DJ also played lots of great fast songs too! She played “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO and during this song my Aunt (the one I danced to “Amazed” with) and some total stranger came up and danced with me! We were laughing and having the time of our lives! When it got to the “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah” part I wiggled just like the song told me to do and everyone loved my wiggle! My Aunt and the random stranger even joined in! It was cool! The DJ also played “The Shake” by Neal McCoy which I also asked for and Dad joined me for that dance as well. We really got our shake on! I even got to do a little line dancing that night because the DJ played “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus The random lady who joined me during “Sexy and I Know It” said she was really impressed with how good I was! I felt great hearing that! I unfortunately wasn’t there to see it but my half cousin told me that the DJ played some ACDC remix thing that was 6 minutes long and my Dad was out on the floor dancing the whole time! If I had a video camera I would have totally uploaded that to youtube! I went home at around 11:00 ish and didn’t go to be til 12:00 I think. It was a late night but it sure was worth it! I had such a great time! What songs do you ask for when you go to dances? Tell me in the comments!

My favorite song lyrics part 2

Hey blog world! I have decided to write a sequel to the post “My Favorite Song Lyrics”! If you wanna read that one first here’s a link!! Enjoy the rest of my favorite lyrics!

“BRLFQ spells Mom and Dad.” This is from the first verse of “Watching Scotty Grow” by Bobby Goldsboro Basically BRLFQ is Scotty’s way of spelling Mom and Dad. I think that’s so funny! I think it’s so funny and adorable when little kids misspell or misspronounce a word!

“Don’t Stop Believing.” This is of course the title of my favorite Journey song Journey is absolutely right when they say this! You should never stop believing in magic, the power of Rock and Roll, Christ, others and most importantly YOURSELF!

“Country is all in your heart.” This is the last line of the song “Country Is” by Tom T Hall In my opinion this is the most beautiful line of the song!

“Life doesn’t wait for us to get it right Day after night It just goes on when it goes wrong It goes and then it’s gone
So, I’m gonna do my best To make the most of it, avoid regret, yeah Take a breath, realize, time is irreversible This ain’t no dress rehearsal.” This is the chorus of “Dress Rehearsal” by Carolyn Dawn Johnson I totally agree with what she’s saying. Once we do something in life we can’t reverse time to take it back. Make the most of your life because even though Shakespeare once compared the world to a stage we aren’t living one big dress rehearsal!

“You don’t have to feel like a waste of space your original cannot be replaced.” This is the first part of the 2nd verse of “Firework” by Katy Perry “Firework” is such an inspirational song and this is the line that speaks out to me the most!

“Go Where Your Heart Believes.” This is the title of a song by Chris De Burgh (or C de B for short.) This is his way of saying go where your heart leads you! That’s something we should all totally do!

“Someday we’ll find it the rainbow connection the lovers the dreamers and me” I’m not entirely sure what the rainbow connection is but I do hope we find it someday!

“Then the first snow came
And she ran out to brush the snow away
So it wouldn’t die Came runnin’ in all excited
Slipped and almost hurt herself And I laughed till I cried” This is part of the first verse of “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro Basically who Bobby is talking about is his wife (in the song) named Honey. She had planted a tree and she didn’t want it to die so she brushed away all the snow. Then she came running in super excited, slipped and nearly hurt herself. I picture this in my head when I hear this line and I can’t help but laugh just like Bobby did!

“He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said marry me Juliet you’ll never have to be alone I love you and that’s all I really know I talked to your Dad go pick out a white dress it’s a love story baby just say yes!” This is part of the second last and the entire last verse of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift I love this part because Juliet’s father (or in other words Sir (or maybe it’s Lord I can’t remember) Capulet) has finally agreed to let her marry Romeo!

“The landlords letters got nasty indeed he wrote GET OUT but Pa couldn’t read.” This is from the 2nd verse of “Po Folks” by Bill Anderson Don’t get me wrong I think illiteracy isn’t a good thing and we should work to make sure everyone knows how to read but I think it’s pretty funny that this family is being kicked out of their house and don’t even know it because their father can’t read the landlords eviction letter!

What are some of your favorite song lyrics? Tell me in the comments!

Fan Names

Hey blog world! There are lots of celebrities out there that are giving their fans really cool nicknames! Here are a few examples!

Johnny Reid : His fans are caleld the Tartan Army. Aparently this is also the name of the fans of the Scotland National Football Team. I wonder why Johnny decided to use it too?

Eric Church : Because of his last name his fans call themselves The Choir. I am not a member of “The Choir” but I do like the name! I think it was a great idea!

Dr Andrew Ordon . His fan base (which I’m part of) is called The Ordonators! It’s such an epic name!

Katy Perry : Her fans are called Katycats. I think that’s such a cute name for her fans!

Lady Gaga : Her fans are the Little Monsters. I wonder why she calls them that? It’s a really weird name for her fanbase!

Mauricio Herrera : He calls his fans the Mauri Warriors and I am a super proud one! I always will be!

There are some celebrities out there that haven’t yet named their fans. Here are 2 celebrities who I have come up with ideas for!

Bobby Goldsboro . I think he should call his fans either Bobby’s Butterflies (one of his songs is called “Butterfly For Bucky (The Story Of Buck)” and that’s where I got the inspiration for this from) or maybe the Broomstick Cowboys (or for his female fans Broomstick Cowgirls). I got this idea from his song “Broomstick Cowboy”!

Huey Lewis and the News : I think his fans should be called the Newsies! That’d be such a cool nickname!

Are you a member of these or any other fan bases? Tell me their name in the comments! Also can you think of a name for the fan base of any famouse people who haven’t named their fans yet? Tell me those in the comments too!

Milkshake and Smoothie Recipes

Hey blog world! I own a magic bullet and I love experimenting with it and making all kinds of yummy milkshakes and smoothies! Here are 4 of my favorite ones to make!

Minty Guider Milkshake

IMPORTANT you must be a guider or know or be related to one in order to be able to make this milkshake.

What you’ll need: 3 mint girl guide cookies , vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup of milk (from a carton NOT a can), smuckers chocolate syrup .

Step 1: Put girl guide cookies in blending cup, attach the cross blade  and blend them.

Step 3 Once the cookies are blended add the milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup into the blending cup.

Step 4 Still using the cross blade blend it all together until creamy or there are no (or minimal) chunks of unblended cookie.

Step 5 enjoy!


What you’ll need: 1 Caramilk bar , vanilla ice cream, Smuckers caramel sauce , 1/2 cup of milk (once again carton NOT can!)

Step 1 using the cross blade blend the entire caramilk bar (it doesn’t matter weather you break it before blending or not.)

Step 2 add caramel syrup, milk, and vanilla ice cream

Step 3 blend alltogether

Step 4 Enjoy!

Triple Berry Smoothie

What you’ll need: fresh or frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (if you decide to use frozen ones I reccommend Moov Frozen Berries), 2 cups of wildberry yogurt, 1/2 cup of Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail , 2 ice cubes.

Step 1 add all ingredients into blending cup, attach the crossblade and blend.

Step 2 enjoy!

Blue Orange smoothie

What you’ll need: fresh or frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup of orange juice, 2 cups of wildberry yogurt, ice.

Step 1 add all ingredients into blending cup, attach crossblade and blend!

Step 2 enjoy!

What are some of your favorite frozen drinks to make with your magic bullet? Tell me in the comments!

Youth Group

Hey blog world! I’m a part of a super awesome youth group at the Faith Pentecostal Church! I love it! We do all kinds of super awesome stuff! For example we learn all about God and what he does for us. An example of something we learned was that Jesus farted! We learned that when one of the leaders was talking about how Jesus was just like all of us! Also sometimes we play games. Sometimes we play minute to win it games (which I’m never really that great at), sometimes we play charades and sometimes we play horses, chicken, conquorer (by the way when playing this game be careful not to step on your partner too hard when you are doing conquorer (I learned that the hard way!)) We also sometimes get food! Last week we had a sundae bar which tasted delicious! There were all kinds of yummy toppings like gummi bears, sour keys and sprinkles! We also get to go on field trips sometimes too! Like for example we go bowling, we go to the movies and we also go swimming sometimes! My favorite thing we did at Youth Group was definately the talent show (for more info on that please read the blog post entitled “Connects Got Talent”!) If your Church has a youth group I strongly reccommend joining! You’ll have an awesome time, make new friends and most importantly learn about Christ. If your Church hasn’t got a Youth Group talk to your pastor/reverand and see if he/she can get one started! What’s the most fun thing you’ve done with your church youth group? Tell me in the comments!

Singers Who’s Looks Surprised Me

Hey blog world! When I hear an artist for the first time it’s just like “The Voice” . I hear their voice but I don’t see their face! I’m left thinking of what they may look like in my head! I google image some of these artists and boy am I ever surprised! Here are a few celebrities who’s looks were the most surprising to me!

Chris De Burgh . When I was little Dad used to play me his Chris De Burgh cassette tape while we drove places in the car. When I listened to it I pictured Chris as a tall guy with short orange hair and glasses! I didn’t expect this! Even though he’s not as I pictured him in my mind I still think he looks good!

Bobby Goldsboro . As you all know thanks to my constant blogging about it the Cabin Party airs on Saturday nights on VOCM. They play Bobby’s music on it a lot! I love listening to him! His voice is incredible! I wanted to know what he looked like for such a long time. Two days ago I decided it was finally time to find out. I google imaged him and I was in total shock! I couldn’t believe this beautiful voice belonged to a very very handsome man!

Charlie Pride . I can remember when I was younger picturing Charlie in my mind. I pictured him as white. I didn’t know he was an African American. I found out one day when I saw him on a Time Life infomercial and I had no clue who he was. When Dad said it was Charlie Pride I was amazed at how good he looked!

Barry Manilow . I was watching “Your Big Break” one day when I was super little (I’d say maybe 7 or 8) and some dude came on dressed up as Barry Manilow and singing “Copa Cabana” I thought that the guy acting as him looked cool but I wanted to know what the real Barry Manilow looked like. I saw him sometime last year on “The Doctors” and was surprised to find out this is what he looked like! I thought he looked great (much better than the impersonator!)

Alan Jackson . I heard his music a lot on the radio and every time I’d hear his music I’d wonder what he looked like. I can’t remember weather I found out from a music video or the Mile 1 homepage center homepage but when I found out I had no idea he was so cute! His moustache and curly hair are awesome!

What are some celebrities you didn’t expect to look like they do? Tell me in the comments!