My top 10 favorite shows

Hey blog world! Earlier today I was talking with my Boyfriend and he mentioned that he had a list of his top 10 favorite shows. That gave me the idea to post my top 10 list here on my blog! Here it is!

#10 “Arthur” . I don’t care how old I am I will forever love this show! It’s hillarious and you learn life lessons! As I’ve said before my favorite character on this show is George  the dyslexic ventrilloquist moose! My favorite episode (as I’ve also said before) is “When Carl Met George”. Here’s a link

#9 “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” . I actually didn’t think I’d like this show! Just for fun I watched it last Wednesday and I ended up loving it! Alana (a.k.a Honey Boo Boo Child) is a sassy little diva but she and her family are so funny! They unfortunately had to return him but I thought that even though he was loud their pet pig Glitzy was kinda cute (by the way Glitzy is a boy. Alana decided to make him a gay pig and dress him up like a princess so they could do pageants together. I’ve never heard of gay animals before but I’m totally cool with that! Glitzy looks so cute in the little tiara!) 

#8 “Good Luck Charlie” . The Duncan family is so dysfunctional and hillarious! My favorite character on this show is definately Charlie! She’s adorable and also very funny! My 2nd favorite character is her sister Teddy. I can’t remember the name of the episode but I loved it when she and that other girl that Spencer was cheating on did the “Two Timin Pig” rap

#7 “Funny Or Die’s Billy On The Street” . I have heard of “Funny Or Die” because for some reason an ad telling me to go to it’s page and like it keeps appearing on the side of facebook when I’m trying to play “Bubble Witch Saga” LOL! I have never been to the “Funny Or Die” website before but I did come across this show one night while channel surfing. Great job Will Ferrel (the creator of “Funny Or Die”)! This show is about a really cool guy named Billy Eichner who hosts a game show on the street (thus the name of the show). He walks up to unsuspecting pedestrians and plays games like “For A Dollar”, “Sho Nuff or No She Din’t” and the main game “Quizzed In The Face” where people can win money if they answer 2 rounds of questions correctly and in the 3rd round they must share Billy’s taste in pop culture. It’s super funny and I’ve learned a few things too! I wish this show was being filmed while I was in New York! I would have loved to meet Billy and be on his show!

#6 “Zoink’d” . “Zoink’d” is basically a messy, adults only “America’s Got Talent” with kid judges. On this show adults have a minute to impress the 4 kid judges and if 3 of the judges hate them and pull their levers they’ll get zoink’d. Getting zoink’d means that they get goo all over them! As much as I love watching the zoink’s I also love watching the cleanup! It’s like watching the 2 dudes at the hockey rink fixing the glass when the players break it! It’s so cool! The winner of “Zoink’d” gets to win $1000 so you can bet that I’m gonna try out when I get older! Speaking of tryouts they’re going on right now so go to this link for more info!

#5 “Piers Morgan Tonight” . I’m in a love/hate relationship with Piers. I love him on “Piers Morgan Tonight” but yet hate (actually now that he’s no longer one I guess it’s hated) him as a judge on AGT! Anyways I watch this show (almost) every night! I’m not into politics so I don’t watch episodes where he interview Mitt Romney, Newt Gingritch or any of the other political dudes. My favorite people that Piers  has interviewed are Betty White, Bruno Mars and Morgan Freeman. Piers has done some cool and funny stuff on his show. For example he’s gotten his blood pressure checked by Dr Oz, fed Beyoncé, boxed with Manny Pacquiao and played tennis with Serena Williams!

#4 “Kortney and Dave By Request” . This show I was super lucky enough to be on! I felt so awesome when I got to skype with these 2 wonderful people! This show is a show where Kortney and Dave Wilson (the people in the picture) play dedications of songs for people who send them into them at It’s such a funny, touching and all around amazing show!

#3 “Storage Wars” . I gotta give a real big thanks to my Aunt because she’s the one that brought the wow factor into my life by showing me this show! It’s about these 5 people Barry, Brandi, Darrel, Dave and Jerrod and the treasures they find (or don’t find) while buying storage lockers. My favorite buyer is definately Barry Weiss. He’s weird and wonderful! You never know what he’s gonna do next! He brought a psychic to an auction, wore all green to an auction hoping it’d bring him luck and he even used a motorized toy helicopter with a camera attached to see what was inside one of the lockers! Watching this show makes me want to one day go to a storage auction! They look like so much fun!

#2 “The Doctors” . This is such an awesome show! I never miss an episode of it! It’s hosted by the 4 doctors in the picture. Plastic Surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon, pediatrician Dr Jim Sears, OB/GYN Dr Lisa Masterson and ER physician (and heartthrob) Dr Travis Stork. Every day these guys have a different topic. For example here’s what this weeks topics were They always give out loads of really helpful information like how to give a dog CPR, how to use a fire extinguisher, and also they taught us the purpose of your uvula! I absolutely can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this season!

#1 “What Would You Do” . I’m totally extatic for the new season that starts September 14th! If only John Q and his crew would come to Newfoundland to see what we would do (I just made a poem LOL!) WWYD is a hidden camera show where actors act out different scenarios in public and we see weather people would (in the words of John Q (he’s the host of the show)) “Step in, step up or step away”. The scenario that has touched me the most was definately this one from last season

What’s your favorite TV show? Tell me in the comments!


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