Celebrities I’d like to shake hands with part 3

Hey blog world! Here’s the 3rd installment of my list of celeb’s who’s hands I would love to shake!

Dan Dotson (the auctioneer from “Storage Wars”) : I’d like to shake hands with Dan because he’s such a cool person! He can speak super duper fast! He did say that anyone can do it and it’s not brain surgery but I think he’s definately the best there is!

Barry Weiss (one of the buyers on “Storage Wars”) : Barry is my favorite buyer on “Storage Wars”! He always finds some of the coolest stuff in the units he buys! One thing is definately for sure I would absolutely LOVE to shake hands with him but I don’t think I’d like to go for a drive with him because he’s already gotten himself lost twice on the show (once with his mom and once with someone else)!

Tom Kenny (actor) : I’d love to shake hands with this guy because he’s my favorite voice over actor! He does the voices of some of my favorite cartoon characters like Jake Spidermonkey from “My Gym Partner’s A Monkey”, Scoutmaster Lumpus from “Camp Lazlo” and my absolute favorite one of Tom Kenny’s roles is Spongebob from “Spongebob Squarepants”!

Duane “Dog” Chapman (bounty hunter) : Dog is such a cool person! You definately wouldn’t wanna mess with him though! Not only do I wanna shake hands with Dog but I think it’d be kinda neat to pray with him since he’s a fellow Christian! That would be really cool!

Hayley Okines (author and TV star) : She is a 14 year old British girl with a disease called Progeria. It makes her age a lot quicker than other people. I can’t remember the name of it but I saw a special about her on TLC. It was really interesting. Hayley’s parents were told she was only going to live til 13 but she survived! On her website www.hayleyokines.com she says she’s not even worried about dying. What an inspiration! This is why I’d like to shake hands with her one day.

Bri Jordan (reality TV star) : I fell in love with Bri instantly after watching “Big Tiny” for the first time last night on TLC. She’s a 23 year old primordial dwarf with quite the eye for fashion! In last nights episode of “Big Tiny” she designed her own dress! It looked beautiful! She’s sassy, funny and downright awesome! I’d probably have to bend down to do it but I’d love to shake her hand someday!

Howie Mandel (comedian, author and actor) : I would love to but can’t shake hands with Howie. The reason is because he’s a germaphobe he doesn’t shake peoples hands. He fist bumps instead. It’s the next best thing so it’ll work for me!

Gerry Dee (comedian) : He’s another one of my favorite stand up comics! His bit about the kid in his class named Bruno http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4btXjfSqwk is my favorite! I unfortunately missed out on him when he came to Newfoundland in May but if he ever comes back I will definately try my best to get tickets so I can see him live and hopefully shake his hand!

Travis Stork (ER physician, host of “The Doctors”) : He is one cute doctor! He’s also got lots of useful information that he tells us on the show! I love watching him (and the other doctors) everyday! One day I’d love to see the show live and shake hands with Travis!

Which celebrities would you like to shake hands with? Tell me in the comments!


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