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Hey blog world! Earlier today at Subway with my friends E and L we were talking about AGT and I brought up Piers. E said “Thank God he’s gone” and L thought she meant he was dead. I said no he’s not and then we started a conversation about celebrities who have died that we really liked! Here are a few celebrities who are no longer with us that I loved and definately miss!

Andy Griffith (June 1st 1926-July 3rd 2012) . I wrote the blog post “Remembering Andy” to let you guys know about his death. It was definately one of the saddest days ever! The world lost an incredibly kind and funny person! I love Sherrif Taylor and am super thankful for the miracle of DVD so I can keep his spirit alive by watching the DVD’s I have of TAGS!

John Denver (December 31st 1943-October 12th 1997) . Like several celebrities John was unfortunately in a plane crash. He was the pilot. I grew up on John’s music and have several fond memories of his songs. When I was little (age 5 through 8 I think) Dad would sing me songs before bed. Some nights he’d sing me “Annie’s Song” and some night’s he’d sing me “Country Roads” Also at my last music recital I got to sing “Follow Me”! I have also learned to play “Country Roads” on the piano and you can bet I’ll definately play that on October 12th to remember him by!

Richard Dawson  (November 20th 1932-June 2nd 2012). I was super happy when I saw his birthday! My night has just been made knowing that we share a birthday! Richard was an amazing actor who always made me laugh! He was hillarious on “Match Game”! Especially when he’d impersonate Brett I also loved watching him on “Family Feud”. In fact he was my favorite host (no offense Steve, Richard (Karn) and John!) I felt so jealous of all the female contestants because he gave them kisses! I would have loved to get a kiss from him!

Richard Jeni (April 14th 1957-March 10th 2007) . Richard (a.k.a The Plattypus Man) was a stand up comic and he was super funny! I loved his “Date Song” (“Oh, I really like kids, I don’t care much for sports, I love scented candles and I don’t believe in divorce. Tell me more about your cat, I’m hanging on every word! LIAR!”) I also loved his joke about red wine and PMS! (This clip contains coarse language viewer discretion is advised).

Jim Croce (January 10th 1943-September 20th 1973) . Yet another plane crash victim. He was a musician. In fact he’s another one of the singers I grew up listening to. Some nights before bed Dad would sing me “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” Also he had a Jim Croce cassette tape for his car and he’d always play it when he drove places with me. I can’t remember the name of the episode but I was watching “Family Guy” one day and Mort  was singing “I Got A Name” while re stocking the shelves of his pharmacy I had never heard the song before but really liked it. It instantly became one of my favorite songs!

Stan and Jan Berenstain (Stan September 29th 1923-November 26th 2005, Jan July 26th 1923-Febuary 24th 2012) . I love “The Berenstain Bears” books! Then again who doesn’t? I own each and every single one of them and now my Mom reads them to my Neice before she goes to bed. My favorite one of the books is “The Berenstain Bears Cook It”. It’s a story about Papa, Brother and Sister making breakfast in bed for Mama. On the bottom of each page it includes tips and how to’s so you can do what they did for your Mom/Dad. I also love watching the TV series. I’m not sure of the name of the episode but my favorite one was the one where Papa kept trying to predict the weather but was always wrong and Mama taught the cubs to not sit around wishing the weather was like yesterday. Instead go outside and enjoy what today had to offer.

Ken Kostick (June 1st 1953-April 21st 2011) . I made a post about his death as well. It was called “Remembering Ken”. He was a chef with 2 different TV shows. “What’s For Dinner” and “He Said She Said”. Out of both of them “He Said She Said” was my favorite! The stuff he made always looked so yummy and I’ve always wanted to try it! Not only did he make my mouth water but he also made me laugh. He’d always crack jokes in the kitchen and poke fun at his co host and I’d always crack up laughing!

Conway Twitty (September 1st 1933-June 5th 1993) . Conway was a country singer. One of my favorite ones! I can’t remember where I first heard him (I think it was my grandparents) but I know I started listening to and loving him at a young age. I have Conway on my iPod and I have an old box set of “Hee Haw” DVD’s and he’s on 2 of them! Here’s one of those performances Out of all of them my favorite song that he sings is “Hello Darlin”. I remember being in bed once listening to the cabin party and this song came on. I started slow dancing to it with my koala webkinz! It was so cute!

Leslie Nielsen (Febuary 11th 1926-November 28th 2010) . Mom never liked him but Dad and I did! He was one of our favorite actors! He’s super funny! My very first Leslie Nielsen movie was “Naked Gun” I liked it so much that I had to see the other 2 as well. They were both great but I liked the first one the best. Though Leslie is a hillarious spy my favorite one of his roles was definately Count Dracula in “Dracula Dead and Loving It”

Michael Jackson (August 29th 1958-June 25th 2009)  . Michael was the King of Pop. He and my boyfriend both absolutely LOVE  him! Although we both have different feelings towards Conrad Murray. Anyway not only do I like Michael’s singing but I love his dancing as well! He was an amazing dancer! The Moonwalk was my favorite dance move he did! My favorite song that he did was “Smooth Criminal”

Which of your favorite celebrities have passed on? Tell me in the comments!


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