Teddy Bear Picnic

Hey blog world! Today was so much fun! It was the 35th anual Teddy Bear Picnic at Bannerman park! I was so happy that it went ahead because it had already been cancelled twice due to weather so I was glad that it wasn’t cancelled this time. For those of you who have been missing out for 35 years and don’t know what the Teddy Bear picnic is it’s a HUGE outdoor Terry Rielly concert for teddy bears and people of all ages! Terry Rielly  is a Children’s entertainer from right here in Newfoundland who is known to us Newfoundlanders as not just Terry Rielly but also the Teddy Bear Man because he owns loads of and sings songs about Teddies (for example the one in the picture is named Faith.) This years picnic was super special because #1 I had brought my friends E and L (I don’t know if they want their names mentioned so I’ll just use the first letters) with me and it was their very first time and #2 Harry had been found and Terry brought him to the picnic! Harry is a very special teddy bear. He’d been with Terry for several years and the 2 have recorded several albums together! Unfortunately about 5 or 6 years ago Harry was stolen and Terry couldn’t find him at all. Thankfully today he told us that a while ago (I forget when it was) Harry had been found! Terry told us that he walked into a Salvation Army store one and found Harry sitting there on the shelf. Aparently Harry asked Terry if they could go home now LOL! I was so happy that Harry had been found! Terry started off his concert today the same way he started the picnic for the past 35 years. By singing the Teddy Bear Picnic song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxFIGWm9M6w! He also sang lots of songs off his CD “Oh Me Nerves It’s The Beary Best Of Terry Rielly” like “I Don’t Know” (which is my favorite one), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (which he kept screwing up the words to LOL), “Winnie The Pooh” (no not the one that goes “Willie nilly silly old bear”. It’s a different one which he wrote himself) and “Skinnamarink”. He also sang a bunch of new songs as well like “Dancing With Our Teddy Bears” which I got to help out with. He had brought along his lovely stick (which is actually a homemade ugly stick  but Terry calls his a lovely stick) and asked for an audience member to come up and play it for him while he sang that song. I had my hand up high in the air and he picked me. The awesomest part was that he remembered me! I’d been going to his concerts since I was super young and he recognised who I was. My arm was super tired after the song but I had a great time keeping the beat with the lovely stick! At the end of the concert I bought a brand new button to add to my collection and I even got a picture with Terry! I was so glad to get to see him again (and even gladder that her remembered me!) Then I went to the playground for a little while with E and L. We swung on the swings, slid on the slide and I can’t quite remember what else we did LOL. When we left Bannerman park we went to Subway together for our lunch! Yum yum! I had a great day at the picnic today! Did you go? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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