“The Running Man” Movie Review

Hey blog world! My parents and I just finished watching a movie called “The Running Man”. I thought it was kinda violent but really awesome! Dad reccommended it in Gross Mourne because I was watching a lot of Richard Dawson on GSN (he hosted “Family Feud” and was a panelist on “Match Game”). He said that Richard is in that movie and so is Arnold Schwartzenegger who I am also a big fan of. He also said that the movie is about a game show and since I love those I knew I had to check this movie out! It’s rated R so I was kinda skeptical at first because I know that rated R’s are not very appropriate flicks but it wasn’t too bad. It’s about a man named Ben Richards (played by Arnold) who is framed for something he didn’t do and he has the choice to either go to prison or be on the game show “The Running Man”. It’s a game show where criminals have 3 hours to escape a big maze but that’s not all. There are also stalkers (or in other words really really really bad dudes) in the maze who are trying to kill them. I thought Arnold was amazing! I don’t know weather or not he did his own stunts but they were really cool! I thought Richard did great too! He played Damon Killian the host of “The Running Man” and also one of the bad guys. I never thought of Richard playing a bad guy but he did really well! There were a lot of explosions in this movie and I really enjoyed watching them (I love watching stuff blow up!) There was lots of violence in the movie as well (i.e a stunt double gets a broken neck, several people get killed and lots of other stuff) so I closed my eyes during some bits of the film but I had them opened most of the time. Also there was a lot of coarse language as well. The F bomb was dropped probably more than 10 times! What kinda shocked me was that a 90 year old woman who was in the audience of “The Running Man” said some of these fowl words! I would never expect a sweet looking elderly lady to say such things! I give this movie a 8.5 outta 10! Also at the beginning of the film it said that this movie was based on the novel “The Running Man” by Stephen King. I’m not a fan of Stephen’s but since I loved the movie I’m definately getting this book for my kobo! I’ll write a review once I finish! Have you seen this movie? Tell me what you thought of it in the comments!


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