Hangout Day!

Hey blog world! Yesterday was epic! I invited 2 of my best friends (I don’t know weather or not they want their names mentioned so I’ll just use the 1st letters. Therefore they will be refered to as E and L.) over for a hangout day! We had such a blast together! I started off by presenting the girls with presents since it was L’s birthday the day before and E celebrated a few days before L. I gave E a talking Midget Apple  keychain because she absolutely loves “Annoying Orange” and L got a bracelet! They both loved their presents and gave me hugs! Once they read their cards and opened their gifts we went outside and started bouncing around on the trampoline! We found enjoyment in bouncing and then falling down together so we did that several times and laughed everytime we landed! After the trampoline we played badminton. E played against L and then she won so I played against L. I won this time. Finally I played against E and I forget who won that! Then it was time for dinner. It was KD! Since my Neice too had invited a friend over and her friend from nextdoor and her other friend from across the street dropped by and Mom offered them lunch too Mom had quite the abondance of mouths to feed so she gave us our dinners in styofoam bowls! After dinner we had vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting which Mom and I made together! since it was their birthday’s I stuck a candle in E, L and T (T is the friend my Niece invited over. I don’t know if she wants her name mentioned so I’ll just use the first letter for her too)’s cupcakes! They blew them out and each made a wish! We all loved the cupcakes! When we were done eating we brought my twister game out and played it on my front step. That worked for about 5 minutes. The wind eventually started blowing the board even though we had our shoes on the corners so we decided to bring the game inside and play it in my windless living room! I can’t remember who played who and how many times we played but I do know that L won the most games! Then we got out Candyland and played that. During this game we put on a little music! We each took turns playing songs on my iPod! I put on “Video Killed The Radio Star”, L put on “Eye Of The Tiger”, and E put on “The Fun Song” and also “Crazy Train”. Speaking of E she also won Candyland! After this we decided to do karaoke! Myself and L did 3 songs each and E did 2! I did “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae, “Hound Dog” by Elvis and “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” by Kitty Wells (R.I.P Kitty !) E sang “Price Tag” by Jessie J FT B.o.B and “Edge Of Glory” by Lady Gaga and L did the extended version of “Gitchie Gitchie Goo” from “Phineas and Ferb”, “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha and I forget the 3rd one she did LOL! Once we were done we took waterguns and went outside for a massive water war! It was epic! It started out as just the 3 of us but then my Neice and her friends joined in so it was 3 on 6! Not the best odds! They were also winning (probably because one of the younger ones had a bucket)! Eventually their precious bucket was dropped and L stole it and they all ran off so we won by forfeit! After we had toweled ourselves off as best we could we went back inside. Since the water war wasn’t planned E and L didn’t bring extra clothes. I gave them each an outfit to wear until the clothes they came in were dried. While we waited for them to dry we had our supper! It was spaghetti! It was really really yummy! I can’t remember what we did after that but I do remember that when the girls clothes were dry and they changed we went into the living room and played “Beatles Rock Band”! I played guitar, L sang and E played the drums. We started off with a small little snag. We were doing “Revolution” and I know that L is good at singing it because I’ve done the song with her before but this time I noticed that L was failing miserably so I knew something was up. At one point in the song I finally noticed what the matter was. The arrow wasn’t coming up. I thought maybe she wasn’t singing loud enough so I tried and the arrow still didn’t come up. I then looked at the mic and realized that she was using the wrong one! Instead of using the rock band microphone she was using the karaoke one without even noticing it! I gave her the correct microphone, started the song over and things were all well and good! After a while E stopped playing and just watched because she found the drums to difficult and didn’t wanna sing or play guitar. L tried the guitar while I sang and she did really well! When we were finished rock band we played “Battle For Bikini Bottom”. We got to Jellyfish fields then the girls thought it was too hard so we went back outside and bounced on the trampoline for a while. When we were tired we stopped, sat down on the trampoline and chatted. We had quite the conversation! I started out by inviting the girls to come watch one of my Special Olympics practices and then I talked about a few of my friends from SO and how they were extremely sweet and friendly then we somehow spun off into a 2 or 3 minute conversation about the Jonas Brothers since E had “Burnin’ Up” playing on her cell phone at the time. We managed to end the conversation discussing drag queens, homophobia (which we are all against), this WWYD scenario and how awesome Michael Molony  and Anderson Cooper  both are. A few minutes after discussing Anderson Dad got a bonfire started! We roasted marshmallows and weiners! some set on fire but thankfully no one got burned! One annoying thing was that one of my Neice’s friends who had come to the bonfire had his iPod with him and he had it set to repeat! We had to listen to “Whistle”, “Dynomite” and “Moves Like Jagger” several times in a row before he finally changed it! We also did some sparklers that night. I didn’t do any because I am too afraid I’ll burn myself. Some of the younger kids took a bunch of crab apples from the tree and used the sparklers to roast them (but none of the younger kids ate them afterward), one of the younger kids put on a show, L wrote her name in the sky using her sparkler and even serenaded us with “Firework”! We were going to play spotlight after the sparklers were done but I chickened out because I was afraid I may hurt myself. E and L were good friends and decided to go in with me even though they wanted to play. 2 of my Neice’s friends had to go home and since there were just 4 of us left that wasn’t enough to play spotlight so we went inside and had a game of Headbanz. Midway through our game E and L’s ride arrived so they had to go home. I had such a super epic day and can’t wait to invite them over again! What was the most epic thing you ever did with your friends? Tell me in the comments!


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