Making movies part 2

Hey blog world! I completely forgot to blog about this when it happened so I may as well do it now. One of the units in English this year was visuals. At the end of the unit our project had 2 parts. The first part was to pick an ad and analyze it (say what the message is, point out the methods used in the ad etc) and the 2nd part was to create our own ad and then analyze that! We had the option to create whatever kind of ad we wanted to use (radio ad, poster, commercial etc) and since I had a super great time filming my video for “The Pearl” (see the blog post titled “Making Movies”) I decided to make a TV commercial! I really don’t know why but my favorite ads are PSA’s so I created one of my own! I created a musical anti drunk driving PSA (and unlike the one that Dennis Leary did mine was clean.) I got my boyfriend to agree to be the camera guy again and instead of having me star in the video I figured I’d let my friend Megan (please don’t think I’m weird because I have a puppet for a friend) be the star! Like I have said before I’m a HUGE GSN fan so I created a game show for my PSA and called it “Who Wants To Save A Life”. It was the final round and Megan only needed to answer 1 question correctly to win the million dollar prize. The question was “Your at a party and have had 9 drinks and you want to go home. What is your best option?” She had 4 options! Option A was being in jail. I had no idea what to use for a jail cell but then I remembered I had a bucket full of Mega Bloks(TM) stowed in my Neice’s closet! I grabbed them and my boyfriend built the most colorful jail cell ever! It was red, blue, green and yellow! When the cameras rolled I sang the theme from “Cops” as we shot footage of her in her rainbow jail cell! Option B was my favorite! The reason why is because we got to shoot a car crash! The only car that Megan could fit in (well on top of actually) was my Neices little green monster truck so we used that! We put her up on top of it and my plan was to have her drive into a tree but there was a hill so that didn’t work. We eventually decided to just have her crash into the barbeque on my back poorch LOL! During the accident I sang the “George of the Jungle” theme although since Megan is not from the jungle I changed around the words and sang “Megan Megan Megan Pompompovich drunk as she can be!” I was going to say “Watch out for that tree” as well but since the tree didn’t work I left that out. After I sang and she crashed we went inside and mummified Megan! In other words we wrapped her up in toilet paper from head to toe (but left her face unwrapped) and laid her on my bed and shot that for a few seconds. Option C was definately the spookiest! It was death! During halloween my parents have these really cool foam gravestones with stuff written on them that we put in our yard and so we borrowed one of those and flipped it around to the side with no writing and planted it in the ground. During the death scene I sang “End Of The World” by Great Big Sea I changed the words for this song as well. Instead of singing “It’s the end of the world as we know it” I sang “It’s the end of her world as she knows it”. Option D was designated driver/taxi. It was another fun one to shoot because I got to drive! Actually I have no license and am not even old enough to obtain one yet so I pretended. It was still super fun though. During this scene I modified the chorus of “6 Days On The Road” by Dave Dudley Instead of singing “6 days on the road and I’m a gonna make it home tonight” because it doesn’t take 6 days to just drive home from a party I sang “10 minutes on the road and she’s a gonna make it home tonight”! After she’d seen her options Megan correctly guessed the answer, won the money and we all learned a lesson! I can’t remember my grade but I know I did really well and the class really enjoyed it! Have you ever made a commercial (or video) for class? Tell me about it in the comments!


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